Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Garden

I took the kids to a local photography hot spot.

It was time for their annual photo shoot.

I had to bribe them with a trip to my uncle's pool.

I'm not above bribery, just so you know. It has it's advantages.

We all went in with MUCH different expectations.

Grace went with the intention of furthering her budding model aspirations. I went in with BIG hopes of getting some great pictures, and Evan went in with just the plan to go swimming and make this whole process as short as possible.

We might all have been disappointed.

You decide.

The garden was BEYOND beautiful. I had never been there before, but heard so much about it.

For awhile, all of Evan's pictures were filled with such angst.

It looked like it just pained him to smile at me.

Then he said something to me that totally changed him around. He said, "Instead of YOU picking my poses, can I?" Something so simple had such a big impact...who would've thought?

I used Picasa to edit all these. It's so easy to use!

We had some silly shots...

and some great ones.
It was the longest hour of my life. But it was worth it!

Time to go swimming!


  1. You got some terrific shots. I need to get my weeman out to the park to get some pics - but he doesn't stand still long enough. I love the one of them laying in the grass and the one of them back to back.

  2. Aww, what good pictures, Lorie! I'm sure it was worth a swim at Uncle Steve's! :) Did ya catch last night's series finale of "Friday Night Lights"? Hubby and I were both choking back tears...that was such a great show! Why do they take the good, wholesome shows off the air too soon?!?


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