Friday, April 9, 2010

Boys will be Boys!


This will be a two-part series on my kids, I've decided. Probably only a two-part because that's all the kids I have!
Anyway, we'll get started with Evan. I don't know why we'll start with him, except for the fact that yesterday, for unknown reasons, random stories of what he's done in his 9 short years kept running through my mind while I was cleaning the house.
I guess you'd have to say, first off, JUST LOOK AT HIM! He's the most adorable boy I've ever seen!

Now listen people, I know I'm biased, but really, he is pretty cute!
I never thought I wanted a boy. He's got a big sister, after all. That's all I knew, dresses and frilly stuff, and then along came Ev. You all know his entrance into the world was totally unexpected (if not, read in a past post), and he's kinda been the same way ever since. When he's ready for something, he'll do it, if he's not ready, there is NO budging him! (unfortunately, just ask his teacher. Ugh! )

I've never known a boy who is so contradictory! When he was small, I'd find him in the most dirty situations! One time, and this is not his shining moment, I'd say he was probably 1 1/2, I found him out in the back room in the diaper pail, with poop, yes, I did say poop, covering his body! Gross!!!! While I was on the phone, he had went to the mudroom where the diaper pail was (and at this time, Grace was still in diapers) and he stuck his hand in the pail, pulled out a poopy diaper, and preceded to smear himself with it. It was EVERYWHERE, and the stench was HORRIBLE! I'm not sure how in the world I got him cleaned up without gagging, but I did. I called Brent at work, and all he did was laugh! The nerve!
Other times, I would find this little dandy of a boy sitting in a mud puddle in the driveway, in full clothes, no less, just throwing mud up over his head, and running down his face.
I was NOT prepared for a boy, but being how he's totally contradictory, now, he cannot get wet while his clothes are on, without having to come in the house and change his whole outfit. He can't stand to be wet! Really? We live on a small farm. This will happen!
He's also my most honest child. I'm not kidding! If he's done something at school and gotten in trouble, or at home for that matter, and I don't know about it, he will confess it every time. There are stages, however. He'll be totally mad at himself. Literally. He will clam up, and shut everyone out. I'll try to get it out of him, and in the process, get totally frustrated myself, and much later, he'll come, put his arms around me, and just sob and tell me what happened earlier, and how he's so sorry. It could be the littlest thing, but it totally eats him up!
This sweet, adorable boy, has also done some incredibly frustrating things to our home! They all seem to be centered around the toilet, however. When he was potty-training he would be so ashamed if he pooped his pants, that he would flush them down the toilet. For awhile, we didn't know what was going on, the toilet just would totally quit working. He did this 3 times! 3 times Brent had to totally take the toilet off, and go get a new wax ring at the store. These were not Evan's most memorable moments with his dad, let's just say. I was so glad when we convinced him it was OK to have an accident every once in awhile, just TELL US!!!
My mom can attest to this next fact, because she's had to shop for his birthdays, etc. When Ev is passionate/obsessed with a fad, he's totally INTO that fad. However, as is the case with both of my kids, they have an uncanny knack for being into a fad/toy that isn't sold in the regular stores when they happen to like it, which makes it VERY hard to find. Let's just list some of his past obsessions: Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Cars, Meet the Robinsons, Spongebob, Star Wars, Star Wars again, Legos, Lego Star Wars, and now Sonic. and Star Wars again.
When he's obsessed with these things, he draws them. He is a really good artist! I'm not just saying that. Ask anyone. If he looks at something once, he can replicate it into a drawing. It's amazing for a 9 year old.
So, to sum it up....I was not prepared for a boy, but I got a sweet, lovable, talented, joy. He surprises me daily, and does not have the drama that tends to follow girls around. He likes what he likes, and doesn't what he doesn't.
Every time I think about his birth, I just have to think about how lucky I am to have him. Things could've gone so wrong with him being born at home. I'm so glad they didn't. I love him with my whole heart. He's my little boy!

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