Saturday, April 3, 2010

OInk OInk Here, and an Oink Oink there....

Thursday night Brent brought home our adorable, (and I'm not using that word lightly), 4-h pigs. He went to an auction in Rochester and came home around 9:30pm with the cutest little pigs.
The red Duroc is Grace's and she's named it Rockney. The spot is Evan's and he's named it, I bet you can't guess....his favorite cartoon character......SONIC!!! Big surprise!

They are a little smaller than the ones we got last year at this time, but they are just too cute, I can't stop going over and looking at them, talking to them (we do have to get them used to us, after all...), and taking pictures of them.
The red one is a little more shy. The spotted one LOVES his picture taken, and likes his nose to be rubbed.
Our dogs, Rudy and Sadie, also cannot get enough of the newcomers.

I've caught Sadie (the black one) in the pig pen 3 times since we brought them home. She can get in, but can't get out. Dumb dog!
Since our pen is outside, the pigs have sand in the lot because it helps work their muscles. Brent had a dump truck unload a bunch of sand, more than last time, so all day yesterday while Brent and I were working in the garden, this is what was happening in the pig pen....

The pile of sand smack dab in the hog pen had become a beach resort for polly pockets. Both children were covered from head to toe with sand. It kept them, busy, though.

Every once in a while Grace would break away from the sand, and go show the pigs where to eat, or try to touch them.

You just can't resist a happily swinging pig tail!

Brent and I, however, were busy at work all day getting the garden in shape for early planting. We have SEVERELY heavy clay soil here, which in the summer gets like cement in the garden. So, Brent would incorporate some of the extra sand into the garden, and I would work it around with the rake.

I also weeded out space between the strawberry rows. Man, that stuff spreads quick! I wanted to plant my peas, lettuce, onions, and potatoes yesterday since they are cool weather crops, so mid-day, this is how part of the garden looked.

Onions planted...CHECK, potato piles made...CHECK, peas planted in 3 rows...CHECK, and lettuce all in a square...CHECK. It feels good to have this done since it's supposed to rain today. The rest of the garden is still waiting. The mobile chicken coop still resides in part of the garden, so the chickens can leave their "contribution"/fertilizer in the dirt, and since the tiller is broken, we'll have to finish the rest by hand. Ugh.

Oh well, at the end of the day, when I saw this perfect picture...

all the onions in a row (vidalia and red...and I don't even eat onions, only Brent), I had to smile. My work is done, for now.

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  1. I covet your garden....and your pigs! I have never had a garden before, but I really want one this year and am planning to try....(will start small). As for the pigs... I am reeeeeeally hoping that my kids will show interest in wanting to have pigs in 4-h...they have always been so cute to me... I was never in 4-h, but I used to help my friends that were wash their pigs all the time... Looks like you have the perfect headstart on summer!


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