Monday, April 26, 2010


Saturday was softball/baseball Opening Day.

Grace and her BFF Natalie are FREEZING! Literally FREEZING! It was cold and rainy. Why is Opening Day ALWAYS cold and rainy?

Grace got some new socks for the event.

She's totally rockin' these socks! Evan wants a pair because they have blue in them. Sorry bud, they are strictly a girl thing!

Speaking of Evan, he didn't seem to mind the cold.

He was having a good time the moment we hit the ball diamond.

Grace's game was first. This is her first year for fast pitch softball. Quite a change actually. She has played with the same girls for the last two years, and they've won the championship two years in a row. This year it's girls ages 4th-6th grade, and they are pitching to each other, which makes it really RANDOM, and sometimes dangerous, and unless they are excellent pitches, EVERYONE walks.

Grace's coaches have been training her to be the catcher.

She's doing well, it's just makes for a long game. She's up and down all the time. She has to whip her face mask off each time she doesn't catch the ball in her mitt, so she can see it better.

She's also a leftie, so this is both challenging and good at the same time.

She was pretty nervous, so her hitting was off, but she says she'll do better next time.

Evan's game was second. By then, it was raining....sometimes pretty hard. For a boy who doesn't like to get wet, he was having the time of his life!

His league hits from a pitching machine, and he did really well, hitting each time he was up to bat.

True to Evan's nature, he has fun when he plays sports. Sometimes too much, sometimes so much so that it's embarrassing to his parents. I'm not exactly sure what he's doing on first base, but he was pretty much runnin his own comedy show out there with cheers and all!

He did straighten up, though,

and score once or twice.

He even played catcher like sis.

His team ended up winning, and he made the last out of the game on first base.

We're gearing up for 3 more games this week. Ugh. The kids are excited, though. It can only get better from here.

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  1. Grace seemed like she matured several years since she played ball last yr. She did a great job keeping focused as a catcher. Evan was definitely in his element...I think this is his game for sure. Hope the temps will be rising for the next games!! PLAY BALL!!!


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