Friday, April 30, 2010


Have you ever heard someone who doesn't go to church say, I see God more in nature than in a church building....that's why I don't go to "church." I'd rather be out fishing or something. That used to bother me. ALOT. It seemed like an excuse.
I do go to church, in an actual building, every Sunday. However, I totally get what those people are saying also.
Sometimes I do feel closer to God when I'm out in his nature.
When my hands are in the dirt he created, I feel closer.
When I see the fruits of my labor, and his joy in growing things, I feel closer.

Just look at the detail in the petals. Really.
When I was headed to the store last Sunday and I saw these...

I actually thought, "Who DOESN'T believe there is a God?"

He can have the worst storms, and the calmest days, whenever HE decides.

I have to remember this everyday. I'm glad I remember this everyday.

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