Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Egg Dilemma

Help a girl out! I'm overloaded with eggs again!

This is the fridge upstairs, and the fridge in the basement has just as many!
These wonderful chickens of ours just can't stop laying!

They're in the prime of their lives, and the more daylight we get, the more they lay. We're getting about 20 eggs a day. Some are even green!

No joke! We have 3 chickens who lay green eggs. Our easter egg chickens. They are the prettiest. If we were having a Miss USA chicken contest, they would win. They have the looks and the talent!

Anyway, come and visit us and buy some eggs if you live close. We're between CR 46 and 50 in New Paris. $1.50/doz. They're the best eggs you'll ever taste, and they are very big! Sometimes we can't get the cartons closed they are so big!

You could also come to visit these cuties too!

Just look at those eyes!

Sonic and Rockney are getting very tame. They just had some visitors yesterday, and they were showing off!

They think the sand in their pen is a beach, and not the workout room it's supposed to be!

I found them burying themselves in it yesterday. Who tells them to do these things?

Come on out!! Buy some eggs!!! Visit the "petting zoo" we call a farm. Comment below and ask how to get here!

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  1. this post makes me laugh....mostly the pigs make me laugh :) also, unfortunately we won't be out that way tomorrow (friday) like i thought! so we're going to have to drop in some other time....and we WILL drop in some other time! brenna keeps talking about "heaven" (evan) and the things he's doing at home. apparently he is the inspiration in her imagination. :)


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