Friday, April 23, 2010

This is what I'm ready for

I'm ready and a little anxious for this.....
blooming flowers...

lots and lots of blooming flowers.

I'm ready for long days (without school) with my hands in the dirt. Even though, I often have a backache from digging up weeds in the garden. I'm ready.

I'm ready to watch the corn come up around me.

I'm ready to plant flowers and make my little vignette on the porch with this rusty old wagon that was mine as a kid.

I'm ready to watch my kids chasing lightning bugs at 9:30 at night.

I'm ready for softball games that I don't have to rush to after work.

I'm ready to take it easy and chill with my kiddos and go on the vacation we've been planning since I booked the hotel in January. We're not going anywhere special, just to Chicago, but we haven't done that for a year, so it's about time.

I am feeling restless. I have been for awhile now. Spring Break is behind us, and we're counting down the days at school. Garage sales are calling to me, and I'm ready to darken up my very white pasty legs.

Summer....bring it on! I'm ready.

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  1. I hear ya friend! Me too!
    And when the school year is over, let's get together!!! It's way overdue!!! Miss ya!


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