Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Day

I've been living at the ball diamond. Literally. I think when meals are packed and eaten at the ball diamond because there is no time to come home between practices, and practices back to back total 3-4 hours, we're in all measures considered living at the ball diamond.

Hence the reason I still haven't posted about my wonderful day off on Thursday. I wrote on Wed. that I was feeling guilty about taking the day off. Why is that, as mothers we feel guilty when time is spent alone w/o the kids? I've felt that every waking minute that my children have not been with me. Are they such an extension of my life that I don't technically have a life of my own anymore? I'm beginning to wonder.

I'm also "technically" with my kids 24/7. I work at their school, they ride with me to school, I see them throughout the day, they come to my room after school, and we drive home together, and then to whatever else we're doing for the night, back home, and into bed. I'm beginning to think trading places with my husband for a day, might be a refreshing thought.

But, where was I going with this...oh yes, my day off.

7:45 am - I started by driving my kids to school. Brent couldn't, because he was the "boss" at work for the week, so I drove them to school, knowing this would give me that much more time in the day to do what I wanted to do instead of sleeping the morning away like I REALLY wanted to do.

8:05 am - I was in Wakarusa, where my morning began. I saw that the Flower Patch Farm Girl (secretly my idol) was having a garage sale, and since I LOVE her choice of decorating, etc. I wanted to go there first. I got a sweater, a very cute shabby chic mirror of hers, and some of her adorable jewelry, which I couldn't believe she was parting with, and a scarf. I saw her sitting there, chatting with people, and I realized what some people must mean by "star struck." You see, I've been reading Shannon's blog for about a year now. I DON'T miss a day, and I am totally in love with her. Not in the wierd creepy way, but in the I TOTALLY GET YOU GIRL way. I wanted to say something to her, after all, she goes to my mom and dad's church, but I didn't want to creep her out too, and appear like I'm a stalker or something, so I said nothing.

8:20 am - I went down the road to my next very important stop. My new friend, Greta, who happens to be in the same book club as me, was also having a garage sale. To continue with my "famous sitings", Greta is somewhat famous in the scrapbooking world. She is a scrapbooking rep for various companies. Scrapbooking companies send her their products, for her to try and make layouts. She has had many of her layouts published in scrapbooking magazines. She, by the way, has a job that I would die to have. She gets all this product free, and it's ALOT!!!! So, once a year, on Maple Syrup Festival weekend, she sells alot of it. I filled a bag with paper, stickers, ribbon, embellishments, etc. for $34! In the store, I would've spent upwards of $100 I'm sure.

8:45 am - I made my way to the quaint little store, Grandma's Pantry. They sell items in bulk, and my son has had an incredible yearning for mini chocolate chip pancakes for months now, and Grandma's Pantry supplies me with mini chocolate chips in bulk. Also mini peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, and pretzel shaped graham crackers. Very cool. They were not open until 9:00, so I headed down the road to fill up my gas tank and get one of these.

A fountain Coke from McDonalds is the BOMB! I don't treat myself to one often, but they are GOOD. By the time I went through the drive through and got gas, Grandma's Pantry was open.

9:15 am - I had stops to make at Target, Aldi's, Meijer, and Martins yet to go. I headed to Target first. On my way, I passed this place.

It's on SR 19, and I've always wanted to stop, but never have. Their displays outside are very cute, and I'd love to go in, but I feared I wouldn't make it to all the places I wanted to go before I had to go back to school to pick up the kids.

9:30 am - 12:30 pm - I went to Target, Goodwill, Meijer, Aldi's, and Martins without taking any pictures. I had a blast looking at whatever I wanted to without hearing these huge SIGHs that I hear whenever I tell my youngin's to get out of the van one more time. I was able to get some much needed clothes for both of them, and Brent as well. Target had T-shirts for $3.49!!!!!!! Since I had Evan try on shorts just this morning and nothing fit, I knew I needed to supply him with some new ones. I got groceries and went home to unpack them all in wonderful silence.

I did some laundry and hung it out on the line. Fed the pigs and chickens, and just got some things done before I went to the school at 2:40 pm to pick up the kids. As soon as they got in the van and started talking a mile a minute, I knew my peaceful day was over. We drove home, did chores, packed a supper, and headed to the ball diamond till 6pm.

And that brings us back to today. I'm sitting here, filling my body with warmed up coffee to eradicate the chill from deep down inside from the 4 hours I spent outside watching softball practice today. I'm exhausted, and I couldn't tell you why. I need a nap, but what exactly is a nap???

Oh, and by the way, because of this tree...

I want a whole forest of these in my yard.

and this one too.

Aren't they beautiful?


  1. You are in big, HUGE trouble!!!! I cannot believe you came and didn't say hi! Also, how did I miss the fact that you are D&Ds daughter? I talked to your mom this a.m. and she said that you stopped by the sale. Then she told me what you bought...and I totally remembered you -- like, I was sitting right there, goofy! You should have smacked me on the head and said hello! Be honest - was I doing something silly? Was I eating? (I spent a lot of time just sitting there, watching my SILs assist people, and eating.) Was I talking about anything ridiculous?

    Also, I have had you on my mind b/c before I left for Korea you asked me about the blue barn. I still have your email flagged in my inbox. Last week, on the way to a meeting at church, I specifically drove "the back way" so I could pinpoint the location of the church. I wrote it on a McD's napkin and shoved it in my purse. A few days later, I unknowingly wiped a wee nose with the napkin... and tossed it. Today, we tried the whole thing again and here's what I can tell you - County Road 3, between 46 and 48. It's about a half a mile south of 46. I LOVE your photo idea!!!

    One last thing - McDs fountain cokes really ARE the bomb! A total splurgey treat. I think they put a secret ingredient in theirs...

    Oh way, I have one more thing - thanks for the sweetness up above, in your post. You're making me blush...

    Last thing, for real this time, promise me that you will never not say hello again! Promise!!

  2. Who's the chick who wrote the way-too-long comment above? She clearly doesn't know when to shut up...


  3. LOVE McDonalds Cokes.

    Glad you had such a beautiful day by yourself-you deserve it! :)


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