Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The pain in my side

This room is a pain in my side.

It was made to be a breakfast nook, but it's too small for our table, so it's become the office. I like the color of the walls and all, but the John Deere collection makes me cringe. You heard me right, love of my life, the tractors make me cringe.

In the almost 12 1/2 years that we've been married, the tractors have been in a box, or at my in-laws house, where they really do belong, I'm sorry, but really. Tractors that just sit out, and collect dust, and are valuable, but are not allowed to be sold......I'm having a hard time with this!

Anyway, so about 2/1 2 years ago, I graciously put them out one day. My husband was overjoyed. Since that time, however, the collection has secretly grown. Hmmmm. Wonder how that's happened.

Just look at the bookshelf in the corner. It's totally full of tractors of all sizes. It just eats Brent up that Evan is not at all into tractors. It's KILLING him!

So, back to the room. I posted awhile back that this room needed help, and you know about my decorating ADHD. I cannot leave a room the same for more than a couple of months, or I literally go crazy, so the other weekend, I moved things around a little.
Here's one last shot of BEFORE.

Ok, for the AFTER. Not really much different, but a little.

The white shelf that was full of tractors, is now on my landing upstairs, and I moved this grey filing cabinet to where the shelf used to be.

Next, I moved a shelf from the living room, into the office for the tractors.

It fits a little better than the last one, and displays the tractors a little better.

One last look at this side of the room...

It's a horrible room, it really is. It has two doorways, and 4 windows. What's a girl to do?

I just might come up with another look for the room this week...we'll see.

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