Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls...Sugar and Spice and everything Nice?

Part 2 in the two-part series about my kiddos.
What to say about my oldest?
She's been independent since the day she was born. About a month before I was due with her, I got the flu, and went into early labor. They stopped it, but we had to stay in the hospital for a day. I think I went into the hospital with hard contractions about 4 times before she was ever due, so they decided to induce me 2 days before my actual due-date. We were there all day....thinking we'd bring home a baby that night. It DIDN'T TAKE!!!! Do you know how depressing that was? We were sent home, and I went into real labor 2 days later, on her actual due date.
I guess Grace is as punctual as her mother! :-)
She is as girlie as they come, and there is no fashion accessory that she won't try. Tonight for example, we had to do a two-tone color on her nails with dots to coordinate. Pink and brown baby!
Grace has not tried the dare-devil things her brother has, she just matter of factly does something. When it was time for her to learn to ride a 2-wheeler, she just went out one day after school and did it!
She is my serious student, who is an excellent speller. (Brent and I are not sure where this came from!)
I love her very much, and yet we are often at odds because we're so similar.
I do remember one funny story from when she was little, though. We were at Wal-mart and she was probably 3 or4 and we were in the checkout line. She was riding in the cart and didn't want to be there too badly. There happened to be a floating helium balloon of a 2 foot tall barbie right above the check-out. Grace looked at me, as serious as can be and said in a whisper, "Mom, that Barbie told me I could get out of the cart!" I laughed so hard!

In her 10 years we've watched her compete in gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, and tennis. She's a leftie like her dad, grandma, great aunt, and great uncle, this makes her a "hot" commodity in softball. I love watching her play, when her confidence is strong, she is really a good player.
I love Grace Claire Yoder with all my heart. She is beautiful inside and out. I hope I have a lifetime to watch her grow!

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