Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo shoot part deux

Yesterday I posted pictures from the photo shoot I did with Grace, today are Evan's pictures. He was less than thrilled with this, so I had to promise them both I would take them to the splash pad close to the college after we were done with the pictures. They were fine with that.

First some at home...

Who knew the red shed would be a good back drop. (not me when we were building it!)

Then we headed to the college where me and Brent met. They have a lot of good places for pictures.

Of course we had some silly moments too. They just didn't want to cooperate, and kept asking if they were done yet....

But I ended up getting some good ones with them together.

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  1. Evan, you have come so far from your dislike of a camera on you trying to capture your contagious smile! Always will be our Evan from Heaven. Becoming more handsome everyday!!


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