Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm in pieces

I'm torn this week.

My sister is here from South Carolina. She only comes up twice a year. I'm torn, because I want to spend my time with her and her family, but we leave for the Windy City soon.

I'm torn because I have a million things to do, and I'm not ready....even though the kids haven't stopped talking about it since the end of school in May. They even told the check out lady at the grocery store about it last week, they are that excited! (that was a LITTLE embarrassing)

We go on the same vacation every year. (I know, boring...but it works for us. That's how we roll.)

My husband has family in Illinois, just west of Chicago (they are the fun family and we always have a good time) so we usually split our vacation, half with them half in town.

We stay just outside of town close to my favorite store evah....IKEA. If you haven't been, you must try it. (unfortunately my husband LOATHES the store, and doesn't hesitate to make fun of the crap I bring home from there. It's not the vintagy things I decorate with, it's the organizing things that rule half of me. I HAVE to be organized or I'll go crazy...) ANYWAY, we stay close to IKEA and take the "L" train into town for $2.25/person. You CANNOT beat that! After all these years of doing it, we've figured out how to get around pretty good.

Of course we go to the American Girl Store...

Every girl MUST visit there once. Even us mom's like it! It is a beautiful store, and you could easily plop down a fair share of money...

Since we also have a boy, we visit the LEGO store. It is awesome too!

Both Grace and Evan have been saving their $3/week allowance for months in anticipation of this vacation. They are PSYCHED!!!!

So, I'm burning the midnight oil getting things ready for our trip and hanging out with my sister.
It's good, but busy.

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