Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're Back!

We're back from Chi-town! Boy, 6 days was a good length, but I realized by the time we needed to check out of the hotel on the 6th day, I was READY to go back home.

We had a good time! We saw a White Sox game

Went to American Girl

and the Lego Store. Got wet at Navy Pier

and went to the little town of Galena, the most beautiful, quaint, bricky place I've ever been.

Of course we did much more than that! 111 picutres more than that, but Picassa only lets me publish 4 at a time, so I'll post more later. After all, we're back in the real world, and I have to go buy groceries today for my totally empty fridge.

It's good to be back. I went through withdrawl not posting while we were gone, and I had to rely on the hotel computer to keep me up to date with all you're doing. So, without further ado, I'll be back later today....
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