Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boxes, BOXES, BoXeS!!

You could say I have an obsession/love of old boxes/crates.
They have a history, they are useful, and they are pretty for the most part.
The first boxes I collected became this

Over the years, these boxes have been in many different formations. This is just the current one. It could be different next week....you know me.
I have boxes for games

(High Explosives...DANGEROUS!!!???) Where was this even used?

I've got boxes that once held armour meat (in a can I hope!) for old fabric balls...

Boxes for books/magazines for the kids.

A box for movies of course....cause where else would you put them?

And a box for flowers because they look nice on my end table.

I especially like the ones that I know were used for fruit, and still bear the wonderfully colorful labels...

I have several of these...they are hard to find.

So, I suppose I shouldn't make fun of my husband's toy tractor collection, I guess I have a box collection. It grows all the time, but only for the right kind of box.

Anyone have any other ideas for uses?

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