Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberry season is in full swing

I have my own strawberry patch that I started from just 6 plants 2 years ago. Last year was the first year I picked them, and I picked 9 times off of three rows.
So, I've already picked 3 times since the end of May. The first was a good sized 3 c bowl, and I filled it. Over Memorial Day weekend, our friends came over and she picked a LARGE bowlful.
Yesterday I picked another large bowl full, so today the whole process started....

Just look how yummy! They smell good too.
Yesterday I also bought a flat from a local farmer I buy from every year. So this is how many I had this morning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I usually buy a couple more flats, and use my own patch for all the jam I make and freeze. This REALLY is just the beginning for me, and the strawberries are EARLY this year, but I was ready and waiting for fresh ones.
I got out all my supplies for the sauce I make to preserve them in.

6 cups water, 3-4 cups sugar, and 2-6oz. boxes of strawberry jello. Sugar-free can be used too. Boil all together until everything is dissolved, then cool.

This ain't no Pioneer Woman spread, but you get the idea.

When the sauce is totally cooled, spoon it over your strawberries until it is about 1/2" from the top. Close and freeze.

I only had 13 containers filled today, but I'll make more. My family LOVES strawberries all year round. This sauce makes them taste fresh, not all syrupy and fake tasting.

Just plain 'ol good! Time to pick more tomorrow.


  1. Yummy! I'll have to try that sauce. I make a ton of freezer jam for my kiddos. They love it! I'm going down to the patch just south of Milford tomorrow morning to pick. I have a food dehydrator and it has a part on it that I can make homemade fruit roll-ups...I've never made them before, but strawberry roll-ups sound good! I might make room for my own patch next year. My mom also has one and it just goes wild!

  2. That sounds so wonderful. It looks like you just cut and cleaned the strawberries, right? No chopping involved? We also have strawberries that went crazy and are so good. Thanks for posting the recipe!! :)

  3. OK, so is this recipe for strawberries or jam? i'm looking for the best way to freeze strawberries to put in our smoothies. i was thinking that just chopping the tops off and freezing them would be best, but what do you think, oh strawberry goddess? :)


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