Monday, June 7, 2010

What we did today.

Today we accomplished ALOT.
It was a beautiful day. The weather was exactly how I wish the weather was here in Indiana 52 weeks out of the year!
We started the day by mowing. We're breaking Grace in slowly.

While I mowed the big yard, Grace tackled the side yard which is pretty much a straight shot.

She did a good job!

After mowing, our friends came over to help us walk all the 4-H pigs. I really should get a picture of that, but when 5 pigs are running around the yard with 5 of us chasing them, it's a little hard to take a picture! Dirty too!

After a quick lunch, we went outside to do a little strawberry picking. Well, I did at least.

After these extremely posed pictures, and about 5 minutes worth of picking, the kids informed me they needed a break. To do this:

They are kids after all. I got the strawberries picked for the day. They'll be more in a day and a half!

Then we came inside to get ready for two baseball/softball games tonight, which we just arrived home from at 10:10 pm!

It was a long day! Especially since my allergy medicine made me feel like I was walking around in a fog!

Tomorrow is our run around day. Wish us luck!

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  1. Oooh - LOVE your header photo, girl!! :) And I just told Cory what a productive day I had. (Picked strawberries, too.) Must be this gorgeous weather that has us all motivated!


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