Friday, October 1, 2010

Seeing Red

So the other day I was pretty much mocked by a 10 1/2 year old. I posted the other day after my numbers post that my daughter thought the whole idea of taking pictures of numbers was a little ridiculous. She told me in not so many words...."That's like saying...I'm only gonna take pictures of RED things MOM!"

Well honey pie...I did just that!

I got some good responses about that idea, and I'm goin' for it!

Stick with me people, we'll get through this madness yet.

This is the only red thing I took a picture of NOT at my own house, although we have PLENTY of these floating around our house.

This my friends, is my life saver each and every day. I would not, no, could not, live without this machine. When my old one gave out, I didn't quite know what to do with myself that morning, and promptly went out and bought this. It works WONDERFULLY with a timer and everything.

Can't have the above machine without this can you? And why not put good smelling coffee in a red-topped glass jar, right?

I bought this Old Navy bag at a resale shop, and added the red flower and vintage green button myself. It needed a little POP!

Of course the front of my enamelware breadbox has a red handle and kitschy red flowers.

Aqua and red is my new favorite combination. So, when I repainted the laundry room this summer, I kept my old red accent pieces.

and even the first red pop of color in my married life...the red handed clock from IKEA.

This bouquet of faded red roses came from my hubby for either an anniversary one year or Mother's Day. I've kept them for the rarity of the act and the sentiment behind them.

Red handled silverware that comes out to play only on very rare and special occasions. (They have to be hand washed people, this just doesn't happen often.)

Same with this set of red checked vintage glasses from Goodwill a couple years ago. Has to be special people to drink out of these!

Just a side note, but these ladies are some of the best authors EVAH!

This little beauty was a $30 find in an antique store nearby. I saw it one weekend, waited nearly a month and went back and it was still there. I had to have it. I'm thinkin' just lookin' at it now, maybe it needs to become a side table in the living room????

One of my first buys at an antique store when I was in college. It had really weird beans in it, but I thought it was cool, AND it was in my price range. I didn't do anything with it for years, but now it sits on my shelf in the kitchen with my enamelware collection.

And even in the room that is not my favorite because it's filled with tractors (sorry honey, I know you're reading this...but it's true...they are ONLY there because I love you,) is a lone red tractor.

I have MANY red things all throughout my house. What can I say, I LOVE red. It makes me feel good to look at it. And so, all I have to say to you my dear Grace is....I hope you enjoyed seeing RED!


  1. I have to say...I thought the number post was genius. Only a cool vintage girl would post something like that. Now you go red? I love that too. Your daughter had a great idea. Red accents are so much fun and I love yours. My favorites are the awesome green pocketbook and red flower and the bread box :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. Cool red things you have! I like red, too...also liked the comment about your dried flowers :)

  3. LOVE the aqua and red in the laundry room! That's one of my favorite combos with red. I saw a wedding done in aqua and red a couple of years back and it kind of got me going on that combo!

    The red handled silverware and ricrac trim are wonderful as well. Love that you embellished your purse like that, great idea....


  4. Love this post, you have some fabulous vintage pieces! Red was never my favourite until I became older, now I love it. You could host a colour theme party; it would be cool to see everyone's favourites, one shade at a time!

    Love the flower on the purse..adorable!


  5. Love all the vintage red - I kind of what to shop your house. Jodi Picoult is also one of my favorite reads. She always makes me think and question when I read her books.

  6. You do have a lot of red. Great pops of color everywhere. There that will show her;)

  7. I hope to someday drink from the red cups and eat with the red silverware,I will then know I can go in peace:)

  8. loving this post and the new blog "fallness"! have you already done a post on your enamelware collection?? i'd love to see what you have :)


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