Friday, August 19, 2011

Design Time

The first week back to school has been chaotic to say the least, and even the nights have been busy.

Doesn't lend itself to any free time for decorating, or rearranging, or even feeling creative.

However, I was talking to my friend Amy last night. Her and her husband are building a new house. (Lucky ducks.) Anyway, she was talking about decorating her kitchen. My inner creative self started doing somersaults.

You see, this is all I had time for this week at my own house.

I finally hung up the scrolly (made up word?) bracket I got at the antique mall back in... March! Its new home is by the kitchen window.

I did, however, find some things on that if I were to be the one building a new house, I would love to use somewhere.

First...these colors are great. All are Benjamin Moore, and all would go well pretty much anywhere...

Stonington Gray.

Chalkboard paint that is all the rage now.

Bennington Gray. (yeah, I said gray, looks tan to me.)

And finally, Providence Olive.

I would also add this accessory to my kitchen. Cause I DIG coffee!

These would be on my drawers because I'm a little overly anal in my organization.
This would hang in my entryway.
And instead of using this in the bathroom like it was intended...I would use it for bedside tables with books underneath.

I know there are 100's more possibilities out there...but with my time constraints this week, this is as good as it gets.

Anyone wanna come over and do my endless loads of laundry or cook my meals so I could just surf the internet for design ideas all day?

Didn't think so...

Have a great weekend anyway!

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  1. isn't it so fun to dream and plan like that? Love the idea of using that card as a nightstand. I never thought of that before.


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