Monday, August 8, 2011

We're back, and we survived...I think

We traveled past the thumb in Michigan this past weekend. It was 5 1/2 hours up, but it felt like more.

I was dreading this trip something awful. I mentioned that before.

We were going back to where my husband was born. We don't go up there often for many reasons.

But, there was a reunion and a relief sale that I guess we couldn't miss, or so I was told.

We stayed here.

A four room motel. And the best thing about it was this.

Which isn't saying much. I'll leave the name of the place out of the post in case someone really does like staying there. I was a little bitter about paying what we did for a "camping experience" which was not what I was planning to do at all.

A trip around the town didn't take very long, and the next couple of pictures I was told to take. Brent told me to take them and show what his old house looks like. He wants me to put a disclaimer in here saying that it DID NOT look like this when he lived there. He and his family moved away from here 27 years ago, and now his uncle lives here. (Yes, someone actually lives here.) There is no running water in the house.
It's a sorry excuse for living. Unfortunately this type of house was common where we went. Like no one cares about where they live. It was sad. It's not a prosperous town. Not like the town we live in is much, either, but this town was just sad.

There was, however, one redeeming thing about the trip. Our reunion was at a pond Brent used to go to as a kid.

It was a beautiful setting. Remote. Quiet. Serene.

The kids had a blast and swam for hours. We could hardly get them to eat supper, they just wanted to swim.

We got back yesterday afternoon, after passing this sign on the way home.
Brent pulled over and made me take a picture cause he thought it was so funny. That's what he calls Michigan anyway..."God's Country." Ha.

We also had to pull over and take this picture too, proving there were SOME nice homes where we went. Believe me, this was only one of a few.
I was never so glad to get back to my clean house, my clean bedspread, bathroom, etc.

I overheard Brent talking to his parents after we got home, about how if they go back next year they might go without me.

I'm TOTALLY OK with that!


  1. Maybe you didn't mean for this story to come off as comical but it kinda was. Please don't be mad at I still cant get over the sign that said"swim at your own risk"! Too funny I totally get why you don't wanna make that trip again.

  2. Sorry it wasn't a too-good-of-a-fun time. But look at it this way : your kids will know where their dad came from, how things are/were when he was growing up, where he lived, etc. and they can learn more about him and learn from visiting...but maybe that's not what you want to hear, guessing from when you said there are many reasons why you don't go up there...

  3. This reminds me of when we got married and my husband's family came to my hometown to stay for the wedding...his sister-in-law refused to stay at the only motel in town and we had to ask a neighbor to open their lodge up for them to stay. It was a little embarrassing, but I was too busy with wedding plans to let it bring me down. She's never come back since for an over-night visit, and that's okay with me! Now I laugh about it as I laughed about your trip to Michigan. Look at the bright side, that little back-woods setting turned out a nice guy for you to spend the rest of your life with! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I didn't do all that well at my sale, made enough to pay for the trip to town and the hours I wasted setting it all up though! The folks in this area aren't quite up on the "vintage" scene yet, give'em a couple years! I love your blog background and header - very cool! I'll be back to check up on you! Have a great day!!!

  4. no running water in the house!?!? what in the world!

  5. Well that was enlightening....I'm guessing the motel was one you would want to leave the light on to sleep. haha... since it was the nicest thing about the room why not? Glad the kids enjoyed swimming...Uncle Steve's pool will be very welcoming now that you are back. Did you see any Spartans running around while you were there? Hope Brent got his fill of MI to last him until the next trip up north...whether it be solo or as a group!!! That is the question.. Either way it was a trip down memory lane...... :)

  6. Sorry your Michigan trip to the Thumb area wasn't the husband is from the Thumb area, grew up pretty much dirt poor and quite a few old farm houses that have been in the family looked like that occupied too. BUT the majority of Michigan is beautiful God's country just like Ma Deeter's sign states (have been hot fried pork rinds there)...I love my state. :)

  7. Just read the previous post that stated you went to Fairview, which is located in what us Michiganders call "up north", near Mio and Comins...fantastic canoeing and snowmobiling trails up there. Don't blink or you'll miss it town though. :(


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