Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am NOT a procrastinator.


But sometimes I think I really am.

You see, I was commissioned by one of the Kindergarten teachers last week to make her a clipboard. She would provide me with the clipboard and I would "bling" it up like I do, and have done for others in the past.

So, Friday she brought me her clipboard.

I just finished it tonight. Because I just started on it today.

Pathetic, I know.

I don't know what my problem is lately. I make all these to-do lists (and mine this weekend was pretty long), and then it's like the stress of the situation makes me wait until the last minute and then I do my best work.

Demented. Sure. Crazy. Absolutely.

So, after Grace's Jr. MYF fundraiser meal at church today, we arrived back home around 2pm and I got to work.

I had lunches to help pack, laundry to finish, thank you cards to write for 4-h pigs that were purchased, PTO minutes to complete and email out, and a clipboard to finish.

This was my starting point.

(disclaimer...this is NOT the clipboard I started with. I forgot to take a "before" picture, but this is a clipboard just like it.) Just so you know.

I had a pile of necessities on my craft table.

Piles of ribbon...

and a pink color scheme in mind. (she likes pink.)

Here is a little before the "bling".

This is the back.

And the front, all mod podged up and ready to be used.

Hope she likes it. I always get a little giddy while making them, and want to just make a ton, but I have to restrain myself. Not everyone likes what I like, so I usually ask for preferences before I start.

Now, I'm off to my bedroom (currently the quietest room in the house) to watch a little TV, make a menu list for this week, and read my current purchase.

I'm pretty darn excited. (About the magazine that is.)

But before that, I'm linking up to these three ladies. Come see.

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