Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're Hittin' the Road

We're leavin' on a jet plane...well, not really, just a regular old van.

We're heading up to what my husband likes to call, and I quote, "God's country." Personally I think he's delusional, but whatever.

No, we're heading up for three days to a VERY tiny town called Fairview, MI, which is a 5 hour trip each way.

My husband is ecstatic, and I think he's the only one.

As I pack my suitcases, which by the way, don't look anything like this (although these are MUCH cuter than mine)

and so are these...

I can't help but worry about what this weekend is gonna be like.

You know, we all have those, dare I say it, family reunions we all dread, just a little. Sometimes they turn out better than what you expect, but sometimes they don't.

Let's just say, the last two times we've been up to this place, have not been good memories. One was for a funeral, and one was when Grace was 6 months old and we had to stay in a crappy (not exaggerating here) trailer with mice running around it at night.

Oh yeah. Nuf said.

So, to say I'm a little wary is an understatement. We're staying in a motel, one of the only ones in town, with only 5 units in it.

I'm worried.

There will be no internet service where we are, and I don't have a laptop ya'll, so it'll be a few days until I can report back.

Hopefully this will go better than I have only imagined it will.

See ya Sunday.


  1. Good luck! That mouse thing just gave me the fills,ick! Hopefully you will have a great time. :)

  2. I hope you return....(haha) No, no... let's be positive... you will return! I've been in the U.P. and yeah, good luck my friend! ;)

  3. oh dear! i wish you luck...i hope you at least have some laughs!!

  4. Oh wow! Have had a few trips like that in my past as well. Good luck and at the very least it can be a funny story for the future ;)


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  6. Been there, felt that - 'cept mine was always in NY state boonies... Happy to report my last trip (blogged on the 4th) was entirely different and I'm glad I went. Will pray that you feel the same!


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