Thursday, August 25, 2011

So far this week...and it's not over yet...

In tribute to one of my all time favorite bloggy sistas who has a totally swanky wardrobe, adorable kiddos, and a house to die for...this one is for you. Her latest post...It's only Thursday, cracked me up. Flowerpatchfarmgirl, this one is for you! As well as for Truth Thursday, which I haven't done in ages...

So far this week...

1. I reminded my children to brush their teeth 8 times. How much longer must this go on?

2. Twice I fell asleep while reading my book before bed. (My days are EXHAUSTING!)

3. Ripped out all but 3 of my tomato plants because I am SO SICK of red tomatoes staring me down from the kitchen counter. I get it, you can't can yourselves...

4. Found out 6th grade volleyball practice starts tomorrow. 9 days into school, and it begins...

5. Found myself laughing out loud too many times to count.

6. Felt like a rock star today when one of the Kindergarten classes I help saw me in the hall and yelled, "Look who it is! (pointing at me.)

7. Decided the motto Keep Calm and Carry On really does apply to motherhood or dealing with Kindergartners, or even husbands for that matter.

8. Came to the realization brown and gray, as painfully drab as they are, really are the colors that look the best on me. (does this mean I'm drab too?)

9. Noticed that I really could, and do often get sucked into other people's blogs,, and etsy. I could easily lose WHOLE hours doing it.

Admitted to myself...just the other day, while constructing a car out of posterboard, I CAN use my graphic design background to help with crafts at school.

That was my week in a nutshell. It's not for everyone, but it'll do!


  1. Brown, grey and black look best on me, too. Get comfortable with it, because these colors are so easy to coordinate with colorful accessories. One day, my blonde-blue-eyed sister asked me why I don't wear more color in my wardrobe. I told her that I look great in charcoal grey (among other drab colors) put on a grey tshirt to prove it, and she admitted that I was right. It's priceless to get a bratty little sister to admit that I'm right. :)

  2. Well, I'm still laughing over the "swanky wardrobe". Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Oh, if you could see me now....

    Fun post, L. I'm always a fan of these lists.

    ps - Fun pics, too!

  3. What?!? I'll STILL be exhausted when the kids get older?!? LOL, I know, it doesn't get easier! I just won't be running after a 2-year-old in the elementary school anymore (which happened today when I took snack in for kindergarten)...


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