Monday, February 1, 2010

Home for a rest

I'm sure I've mentioned in the last several posts how busy our family has been lately. Last week was HORRIBLE! Something every night. Plus, the "bug" has hit our school. There are plenty of kids out everyday, and the kids and I caught whatever is hanging around school. It's just that with the week we had last week, and Upwards this past Saturday, today it finally materialized and the kids are home with slight fevers today. So, today we're having a pajama day.

Not that I mind.

We all need a little snuggle time every once in awhile.....

And some friends to do it with.

We even have the stuffed up noses, and chapped lips to prove it. The cream under the nose is to keep the redness away. We all might really be pathetic today.

I'm gonna try to get my meal list and grocery list made today, though.

Here's the master list of main dishes and sides. Now I only have to match them up in different combinations.

I might even crack open my idea book today, and put the projects I want to do into my up-to-date to do binder.

I have high hopes for today even though we're under the weather. It might be nice to have my sense of smell back. I can't even smell the Vicks I'm putting under my nose.....
I think the cuddly bed I just changed the sheets on is calling my name.

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