Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Weakness

So I'm admitting I have an weakness. A very different weakness that maybe others wouldn't admit to. I have a weakness for old barns. Call me crazy, but I can't help it.
Never in a million years would I have admitted to that about 10 years ago. You see, that's when I was living in the big metropolis of "Goshen" and I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with country life.
However, once in my early married years, Brent and I went up to Michigan for a weekend. (You see, we USED to go on get-away weekends BEFORE kids!) We USED to be spontaneous, but that's neither here or there.
We came across this very adorable barn. I'm not sure if I'd ever seen another like it before, but I LOVED it. Don't ask me how to get up there today, there's no way I'd be able to find it again.
Then there is this barn.....

I pass it on my way to school everyday. I've COVETED this barn for years. (I know that's wrong, to covet, but I can't help it.) It sits right in the middle of my tiny town (that's right, IN city limits) and it is at the boyhood home of one of my school friends. I've never been in this barn, but as I drive past everyday, I have the sudden urge to pull over to the side of the road and sneak in it to see what's in there. Do they have it full of old things? What exactly in the middle of town, do you store in a barn?

Then there is this beauty.

It sits just across the hill from me, and it's glowing green roof screams HELLO to me all the time. For numerous reasons, this barn finds its way into a lot of my pictures lately. I'm not sure why, it's just a plain old faded white barn with a brilliantly colored roof.
Even on the snowiest of days it looks lovely.
And lastly, I saw this barn on one of my favorite blogs, Flower Patch Farm Girl. She showed it in her Sept. 2009 entry. I would love to know where this is, so FPFG, let me know. I would, if I had the courage, walk right up to the front door of this barn's owner, and ask if my family could take pictures in front of it. The color is divine, and reminds me of a favorite pair of old denim jeans.

Yes, call me crazy, call me nutty, but I love all things country. Not the gingham wall border country, the vintage, not trying hard on purpose country. The natural country, like old barns.

So help me!


  1. I love old barns, too...there are a bunch of round barns in Fulton County. We would always drive by one in particular that was so neat. Those are so hard to find. There is something intriguing about barns. They have such a history to them...

  2. Is that faded blue barn around here? If not, there is one similar to it on Beech road (the blueberry road :) ) We were on that road recently and I noticed it. Wonder if it's the same one. . . .then again, I think it was Beech?!? I may be wrong, I can't even remember why we were on that road. I think I'm losing it :)

  3. Our barn is not old but C.J., is so he could stand in front of it for you:-0


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