Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I adore...and then some

These are just some of the favorite parts of my house, plus one room, that is very perplexing to me, and was only transformed into it's current state because of my love for my husband, and his constant nagging about displaying his favorite John Deere toy tractors.
So, after I show you my faves, for the love of pete, help me out with suggestions for the room I'm growing to dislike little by little, only because I can't figure out what to do with it!
This is the little area going into my kitchen, and I got this little dresser this past fall in a cute antique store in Nappanee.

I store Tupperware, and jelly jars in it, in preparation for the canning/freezing season ahead.

This is also in the kitchen. First of all, I LOVE the color of the wall. I just repainted the kitchen this retro aqua color over Christmas break. This cabinet once had doors on it, but I took them off to display some of the enamelware, etc. that I collect. As you can see, I'm running out of space, so that's another dilemma.

Last one from the kitchen, I promise. I bought this old fruit label picture at a garage sale about 4 years ago, but it's followed me through all three color changes in the kitchen.

Grace made me this a couple years ago in church, I think. I think they colored a Kleenex and rapped it into a flower shape. It hangs on my bulletin board front and center.

The room next, is the reason for my distress. I like the color of the room, and the pictures hanging there...

but the room needs help. It was meant to be a breakfast nook, but instead, it's our office, arts and craft storage for the kids, and "display" (I use that word loosely) for Brent's toy tractors. He has hundreds more, but this is all I would give in to. HELP, all you DIYers out there. This room is screaming for some new ideas.

With 4 large windows, and 2 door openings from this room, there are only several options for moving furniture around, and believe me when I say I've tried them all! Here is the computer desk .

In the other corner is this....which just looking at it makes me wanna hurl, it's so disorganized. It totally needs a redo. Markers, pencils, activity books, paper, colored pencils, PLEASE!

The other corner by the kitchen has this very cute shelf I got a resale shop years ago, and it holds just some of the tractor collection.

I love the shape of the shelf, but....I just don't know.

Lastly, this pedal tractor sits in the room under one of the windows. My husband restored it about 10 years ago, and wanted desperately for it to reside in our living room. THAT is where I draw the line. My kids are too big to ride it, so it's just sitting there.

As you can see, my house is a work in progress. I love it desperately, but it's a new house in the middle of the country, and I'm trying my hardest to make it look old. I miss all the original woodwork from our 100 year old house in town, but I was glad to trade that home for the warmth of the new one.

So, if you all have any great ideas, throw them my way, along with some pictures. I need help for the room that plagues me. Until later.....


  1. Well, let's see...just some thoughts, but you could trade your desk and craft area for a pretty armoire. Something that has doors that you could close when you are finished working and it could look like a nice piece of furniture. You could get a really cool chair that you could pull up to the desk when you need to, but put it in a corner or to the side when you are done. For the tractors, you could have shelves made to go above the windows, all the way around the room for them to be displayed. That way they are out of the way, but you can still see them. And for the pedal tractor, if you think your son is old enough and likes tractors, you could stick it in his room...

  2. You should check out Young House Love ( They have a TON of DIY projects and have made over every type of room. I have gotten so many great ideas from them :)

  3. Browsing your blog tonight and saw we have the same fruit picture...and those jars with the black vintage lids....I have been Loathing after those for over a year!! Might I suggest a room by room tour of your house for the next blog! ;)


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