Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Fair

We had our bi-annual family/school book fair tonight. Book Fair Diner was the theme. Teachers wore 50's attire, as did anyone else who wanted to.

Our second grade teacher Mrs. Miller on the left, and our Kindergarten teacher, Lori Wilson, who I work with everyday.

I saw kindergarten boys with muscle shirts, and slicked back hair, little girls with poodle skirts and scarves in their hair, and men teachers who my kids said looked like "The Fonz!"

My kids LOVE books, and I'm so glad, cause I really do too. Can't get enough of them, actually. So, when these book fairs roll around, and being on PTO, it's a given, but we always help set up, and help get things ready. We like to be the ones to "Preview" the book fair while we set up.

They had a book making station...

a reading room....a picture taking opportunity...

and an ice cream float station in the cafeteria.

Grace really liked hers!

At each station, they got a small record replica. If they turned in 4 records to a certain teacher, they got to pick fuzzy dice, or a gift certificate to McDonalds. Guess what Evan and our neighbor Clayton picked??????

Now what are we gonna do with those? They were MEGA excited, though.

They saw friends from school, and got new books. To them, it was a great evening!


  1. That looks like fun! I had Miss Wilson as a tutor for math when I was in fourth grade until sixth grade. She was so great at helping me...I'm sure she's a great teacher! My 2 older kids are 21 months apart and I got grief quite a bit for how "close" they were going to be...geesh, they are just 3 months shy of two years! But, I did work with someone who's kids were 11 months apart...they were born in the same year!



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