Sunday, February 7, 2010


If any of you know me, you'll soon come to find out I'm not a big sports kinda person. Sure, you'll see me at my kid's Upwards games, softball games, or whatever they're in for the season...but if given a choice, well, I'll usually pick something staying home.
Which brings me to a funny kind of realization...I kinda like high school sports. Correction: MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL sports.
Save for the fact I really don't know anybody playing any of the sports. None of our friends have kids that are old enough to be playing high school sports.
When football season rolls around, and the air is crisp, the stadium lights are high, and tailgating starts, you'll find us at the games. My husband would lay claim to the fact that since I'm a school employee and have a pass that gets myself and him in free, THAT'S why we go. I would say, for me, it's more about the people watching than the actual game before me.
Last night, we ventured out to my Alma mater with only one kid in tow. Evan spent the night at his best friend's house, so Grace followed us to the basketball game. Brent was beyond thrilled we only had to pay for ONE child. It was Riley night, which means a Princess, and a King and Queen were to be crowned. That alone sealed the deal for Grace.
Immediately inside the door, Grace paired off with some friends from school, and ran off giggling like only a 4th grader can do!
Brent & I made our way up to the nosebleed section to watch our "young" Fairfield team play Bremen. Supposedly our team hasn't had the best of seasons, so we weren't sure what to expect.
Once the game began, I started my people watching. I couldn't believe how many people were there that I knew, and haven't seen for ages.
Some of us exchanged waves, some I just stared at from afar (not creepily I can assure you!) While all this was going on, my husband kept telling me plays HE would do with the team, and asking why isn't the coach doing such and such? Please! Like I know, or really care. I got him into the game free, it's not like I actually follow what's going on on the court! I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.
We did end up winning, 50 something to 30 something, so that was good. It was just plain ole good to be back. I think when my kids are old enough to be in high school, or even junior high for that matter, and I actually start to know some kids playing--it'll be much more exciting for me.
It made me feel old, though, to be back in my high school. That was the worst part.
Now, I'm NOT THAT OLD! It's just a cool pic!


  1. This just made me laugh out loud!!

  2. How did you get this picture of C.J.s team?


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