Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekly Menu Part II

Most days we're running at full speed! From the time I wake up at 5:30 am to get ready for school, get the kids movin', etc. , we're runnin!

My menu has been less than spectacular lately, and I'm sad about that. I used to enjoy making my menu for the week, but we have so many things that start early in the evening, by the time I get home from work between 3:30-4:00, I have about 1 hour to make supper, get everyone fed, and leave again for the evenings activities.

I know I shouldn't be complaining. I realize I have the perfect job that allows me to get home earlier than most and get my kids to their events.

I realize that I shouldn't be complaining because I actually have a job, and many don't.

I realize that I should be enjoying this time in my children's lives. But I'm just tired.

I've never slept this hard in my life.

My "free time" doesn't start most evenings until about 9:30 pm. By the time laundry is done, lunches are packed, the dishwasher is emptied and reloaded, coffee made, etc. I'm beat. I would love to sit and watch some shows, or read, but I usually wake up in the chair about 2am, and realize I have been there since about 10pm.

Not good.

But I digress. This is not what my post is about's about my menu for next week.

Here goes...

Friday: (Evan at a friend b-day party) Breaded pork chops, mac & cheese, roasted potatoes

Sat. : cheeseburgers, taco salad

Sun: leftovers
Sun nite: (family b-day party for Grace & Evan) Lasagna, homemade garlic bread, salad, applesauce, cake, ice cream

Mon: Chi Chi's seafood enchiladas, homemade salsa and chips, taco rice, chicken tacos for the kids

Tues: (book club - me, Grace softball practice 4:30-6, upwards practice 6-7) Leftovers

Wed: (church) Fish sticks, mac & cheese, green beans and bacon, waffle fries

Thurs: (book fair @ school, Ev upwards practice) Hot ham and cheese

Friday: Chicken fried rice, egg rolls, grilled cheese (kids)

Sat: BLT's, zucchini, applesauce (wish I had fresh tomatoes and zucchini!)

Sun: meal @ church

That's it folks. That's all she wrote. Help me out with some favorites of yours that can be made in a flash.

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