Thursday, July 1, 2010

The big V...and a dose of Reality!

On our 6 day vacation, we spent our time in two separate places. First, we ended up at a White Sox game on the first day. We had a great time...

We saw some really good batters, and some who struck out.

Until the 8th inning, the game was scoreless. Until Konerko got up and hit a home run, and knocked another run in. Sox won, 2-0!

After the game, we drove to Brent's cousin's house (Brad and Sally). We stayed with them for 3 days. They took us to a quaint little town (Galena, IL) an hour away from where they live.

The streets were lined with brick shops on both sides. It was a tourist trap for sure, but a really cool one.
We ate at a really good Italian restaurant

whose interior was TO DIE FOR!

and the food was good too!

The homes were also wonderful. I think this one was a bed and breakfast, but just imagine it in the day!

We spent the next 2 1/2 days in a hotel in Schaumburg. The kids wanted to swim 24/7, but we had to nix that quick. We found some really good restaurants down the street...

and ate a kickin dessert!

Since Chicago is our standard vacation every year, we have finally figured out how to take the train from outside of town, into town whenever we want for only $2.25/person ($.85 for the kids!) It's easy, and takes us right downtown where we need to be.

Our first stop is the river, we have to cross it to get to the shops of course!

Every year we visit the LEGO store. It truly is an awesome store. The kids love it, but it is Evan's passion, and he saved up his allowance for quite awhile to get some things he saw online.

He built 3 new guys, and hung out a little with Woody from Toy Story.

We headed to the Crocs store...

to buy some jibbitz before heading several more blocks to American Girl.

Ah, American Girl....a store not just for girls, but for moms too. We had a good time looking at all the outfits. Grace took her doll, Kit, and posed in front of the window with all the clothes from her "era."

(This is the new girl of the year doll that she informed me she wants for Christmas.) :-)

Since we needed some nourishment after all that shopping, we headed to the great Chicago hangout.

and then proceeded to walk it off on our way to Navy Pier.

If you've never been there, you should go. It really is beautiful to sit on the steps and look out at Lake Michigan.

The kids were hot, so they found a really cool fountain where lots of kids were running around in their swimsuits. We didn't have those, but clothes work just as well.

On our way back on the train to the hotel, we passed by lots and lots of brick apartment buildings, little towns, etc. I thought back to about 14 years ago when I was longing to live in a big city, and have a great apartment, etc. I wanted to make lots of money, and have a great social life, and fix up my little loft-like space. Then I met Brent, and I guess you could say the rest is history.

I've changed my views a little. I realized if I lived in a big city, where a happening social life was just a train ride away, I would miss the fresh eggs we get from our chickens everyday.

I would miss getting dirt under my fingernails when I work in my flowerbeds and garden.

(this is a terrible picture of the garden. I just weeded it today, and it looks much better!)

I would miss my home, where I've sweated bullets redecorating, painting, and cooking meals.

I would miss hanging my clothes out, and smelling the sunshine on them when I bring them in.

and mostly, I would miss a place where this is the choice of footwear...

for almost any occasion.

I know that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. That's why we only go to the big city for a vacation. I've discovered I'm the happiest at home. It's where I feel most comfortable!

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