Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The busy-ness fairy has crept into my home again. I'm finding it really hard to stay focused on each task because I'm feeling overwhelmed again. (I totally know Brent is rolling his eyes as he reads this!)

I know some people say "We create busy-ness in our lives." I have a hard time with this. Because I agreed to be on a church committee and I have to attend meetings....because Grace is playing volleyball, and I have to pick her up from practice everyday....because I work and once a month have a staff meeting....because I get groceries every week....or because we live 25 minutes away from church, and once a week the kids have church group....does this mean I've created my busy-ness or is it just a result of our circumstances? I believe it's the latter, and sometimes our weeks have a jumble of it all together.

We're getting ready for our annual Sunday School fall party at our house. We have a hayride, and a campfire, and a supper, and this year we're having games like a strong man competition, a chase the chicken game/catch, or a catch the sheep contest. This year there are close to 50 people coming, so I'm feeling the pressure to get everything just right and clean before they come. I feel myself spinning out onto the edge of a limb, and I need to get grounded again.

Anyway, my whole point of this post is to complain I guess....I don't know. I don't know how you full time working people post so often. Give me a secret to your madness!

Because of the hecticness of the week, I'm posting some random pictures. I'll get back to normalness again soon, I promise.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Good luck getting things ready! I'm sure it will all come together and be terrific.

  2. Good luck this week. I'm kind of overwhelmed myself these days, but it's mostly my own fault, except of course the working part. Sometimes you can't control that.

    This time of year always seems to just keep building until after the holidays, then we can all give a HUGE sigh.



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