Monday, October 4, 2010

A new lamp

I've always wondered what exactly I would label my decorating style. Is it eclectic? Is it quirky? (Grace's new favorite word) Is it country? What IS it exactly?

To me, it's just me, but often, and I know I shouldn't do this, I fall into the trap of looking at other's much more expensive furniture, their designer bedding, and I just have to wonder...what do people think of my sense of taste?

I have a friend whose home could've walked right out of a Pottery Barn magazine. I LOVE it, but it's just not quite me. Truth be told, it's a little cold. (However, I get LOTS of inspiration out of the Pottery Barn magazine I very religiously peruse when it comes in the mail.)

Most of my furniture is used. We did buy a new bed when we got married, and of course the appliances are new, but as for the other stuff, most of it is borrowed or used. I'm ok with that. It's comfy and it fits us and our budget.

I guess you could say I love to "repurpose" things. For example, I came across this lamp the other day when Grace and I went to Goodwill.

It was marked $10, but with my 1/2 off coupon, I only paid $5. Not bad. I made sure it worked before I brought it home, and I should've taken some before pics but I didn't. This is what it looked like AFTER I spray painted it with the wonderful espresso paint I had left over from a project I did for Grace's room.

Smoothest spray paint I've ever used!

Anyway, as soon as I saw it in the store I thought of an old fashioned street lamp.

AND since our living room has no ceiling lighting whatsoever, I need all the lamps I can get in there.

I think it looks adorable, and it gives off pretty good light.

It's nestled on an end table (which between you and me, really should be repainted, I just can't decide on a color) between Brent's recliner and the couch.

I realize many posts ago I told you all how I was looking at repainting the living room, and for weeks I've been carrying paint samples around in my purse. I need to get on the stick, I know, but the weekends just fly right past. Surely this is a problem for alot of people!

Anyway, I'm glad I introduced you to the newest furniture piece I acquired. It fits right into my style, and my life.


  1. I for one love your style. I'm also loving your blog header. What a cool idea with the door in all its vintage splendor!


  2. I love your style too. Most of the things in our house are from garage sales, goodwill, or thrift stores. I love finding someone else's treasure that they no longer need and turning it into something fresh and perfect for my home. We should go junking together some time.

  3. Love the new lamp, pretty cool! I don't have new furniture, nor new appliances. When I remodel my kitchen, then I'll get new...but you know what? I'm so glad I have used things first, because it gives me the chance to think about what I REALLY want when that time comes when I can plunk down that hard-earned cash to get brand-new...My mind has changed so often through the past 8 years, that if I bought something brand-new back then, I would not be too thrilled with it now!

  4. LOVE the lamp. We have a great thrift store in our little town nearby, but I haven't found anything this cool.

    I really like the mix of old and new. I too look to the Pottery Barn catalog for inspiration since they use that mix in "their" style. I did recently purchase 2 new chairs and a couch but most of my other stuff is old, repurposed, recovered, repainted, etc.


    PS - I for one think "I like her style" when I check out your blog!


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