Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes you get lucky!

Sitting here in a Nyquil fog, I'm just hoping I'm typing everything right. Thank goodness for spell check, right!

Thanks to the lovelies I'm in class with everyday, I got a nasty cold, and so did Grace. Could it be I'm run down from all the running around we've done....possibly. I'm really glad this weekend is our fall break. I'm ready for it, and there WILL BE sleeping in! Guaranteed!

So, I wanted to share some of my recent finds with you. It's totally hit or miss every time I go to Goodwill whether or not I'll come out with anything. Especially if I have a mental list. Each time I do, I NEVER find anything. So, I try to have a clear mind when I go, and just "see" everything.

Last week the kids and I ran in quick (no more than 40 minutes). I found all this, plus an Eddie Bauer angora sweater and a pair of jeans for me.

The crazy socks are NOT something I would normally buy, but it's Red Ribbon Week at school this week, and Grace needed something for crazy sock day.

Note: I really wanted a new purse, and this is a THE SACK purse I got for $3 knowing I could spruce it up a little. The JOY tin pocket thingy I will fill with greenery and hang on my front door for Christmas. It was $4. The adorably cue polka dot photo box is covered with material, and I love anything polka dot! It was $2. the volleyball frame was perfect. Purple for Grace's room, and she just started playing volleyball. I think it was $2 as well, and from Target, so it's almost new. And the item in the back was $.50. It's called a copy holder.

I'm sure it's to hold copies of papers while you're typing them, but I plan on using it for a cookbook holder. I need one, and I'm tired of my cookbooks getting all nasty dirty on the counter while I'm cooking. I can just secure them with a big 'ol silver clip I have. First I decided to paint it one of my favorite colors.

Yeah, it's a little bold, but I have this color throughout my kitchen and house.

You can't go wrong with spray paint. ANYTHING can look different just by changing the color.
(great cookbook by the way, she's divine!)

Next, the purse. I knew when I walked in the store I was looking for a purse. I wanted something neutral, and I already had a pin in mind to put on it. This little number caught my eye.
The brand is good (which totally counts) and it had good pockets inside, and an adorable striped lining.
I brought it home, washed it, and added this pin. This really makes the purse.
Cute, huh?
Here is a picture of everything else. Perfect as they are, no changes need to be made.
I never know what I'm gonna get when I walk through the doors. It changes everyday, and all I have to say, as far as advice goes about finding something is, have an open mind, and give the store more than one chance. It takes two or more, or maybe you'll get lucky on the first try.
I try to keep in mind while I'm looking, what the item would actually cost in a store. If the item needs a color change or a hem shortened, no problem, but it's not worth buying if it would be too hard to alter.
Sometimes you just get lucky!


  1. I wanted to tell you that I finally checked out Neighbors last Friday and I love it! I only bought a couple things this time, but will be returning to get my peanut butter I love and used to buy at the Elkhart Farmer's Market (100% peanuts, nothing more... yummilicious!) and I'm happy to know I can get locally grown meats as well! Quite reassuring. Thanks for blogging about it! :)

  2. No problem. I frequent the store myself EVERY week. I love the fact they are selling local meat, etc. It's a great place!

  3. I have found the same thing. Whenever I'm looking for something specific at Goodwill I have no luck, but if I go in with an open mind. I usually do pretty well. I love the copy holder as a cookbook stand. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open. I've been wanting a cookbook stand.

  4. I love the cookbook holder! I thought maybe you would add some embellishments to it but of course it is covered. The purse - cute! Maybe I will check it out sometime!!

  5. Sis was pumped this week to snag a massive bag of My Little Ponies at a thrift store for only $5. I think she got 21 horses for the price of 1. Gotta love a bargain. Now where to store 21 ponies...

  6. I got a Sak bag in that box of vintage purses I bought at the auction for $6. Remember that? And that Pioneer Woman Cookbook? Sarah had it on her Christmas list... I bought it for her and, oh-my-goodness, I'm going to read it cover to cover (without completely opening it) before I wrap it!


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