Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm leaving

I'm leaving...on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again. No, really, that's all false. I'm leaving, but only for the weekend, and I'm not going far. Just 10 minutes from my house, for a scrapbooking weekend.

I get to go once (twice if I'm lucky) a year. Seriously. My kids act like it's the death of them. Seriously. Really? Mom never gets to go away for any length of time. I deserve this, right? Sure I do. Seriously!? (I feel like I'm doing the Seriously? act on Saturday Night Live's Nightly news.)

I'm sorry I've been absent for a couple days too. We had Grandparent's Day at school today, which is always great for the Grandparents and kids, but EXHAUSTING for the teachers and us helpers! We also had a MAJOR attack on our school this week, and were in the news. Terrible terrible stuff for Christians in my community, and it is very sad (check the news reports) Satan is trying so hard to defeat us! However, we have a wonderful community which will and has supported us.

So....with all that being said, I'm heading off for a few days, but I'll be back, exhausted, but fulfilled for having gotten so much accomplished in my time away.

So, hope you all have wonderfully beautiful weekends!



  1. Have a wonderful time! You deserve it! So sad about the school news. I've been reading about it in the paper. It just seems that some people have too much time on their hands and have nothing better to do than to bring others down with them. The bible sessions are NOT mandatory and the kids needed to sign a permission slip. So it's not like the parents didn't know it was going on and, let's see, we've been in school how long? I don't understand why it's okay to NOT have bible study, but if you have bible study for those who WANT to participate, it's literally the end of the world for those who are totally against Christianity and the Bible. Geesh, I guess I just don't understand people and their way of thinking sometimes...

  2. Our schools went through something very similar last year (Huntington County School Corp) We ended up getting to keep Bible - it just had to be moved off of school property. We have Bible Trailers paid for by the Associated Churches and the kids that sign up are taken off school property for 30 minutes once a week for class. I'll be praying that your schools are able to come up with a solution and that everyone involved has strength and wisdom.

    Enjoy your scrapbook weekend.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your weekend "away".. sounds like you really needed one!

  4. Just read some reports about the lawsuit at the school. And I read the comments community members are leaving in response. I'd say I can't believe it! but truth is I do. Nonetheless it is deeply saddening. I will be praying for the school and that one bad apple doesn't spoil this great bunch. Too many times this is the case.

  5. You go girlfriend! I laughed at your mention of what a trial it is to leave the family. I. Do. Know. Especially with too many critters and old dogs needing meds. It just doesn't happen very often.
    I've loved lookin round your pretty place. The countryside n RED (!) are just gorgeous. So sorry bout the school mess. Hope you enjoyed your getaway!


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