Thursday, October 28, 2010

Truth Thursday: My biggest fear!

I'm sure I've mentioned before...I'm deathly afraid of snakes. I don't care if they are the size of my pinky or the size of a car, I'm scared to death of them.

This image right now, I cannot even look at. It is literally giving me the chills, and I hope and pray I NEVER come across something this vile, EVAH!
It is making my skin crawl. Same thing happens when I look at one in a book. And believe you me, the kindergartners LOVE to feed off of this. When I least expect it, they will whip open a library book and say, "Mrs. Yoder, look at this!" Their faces light up like a Christmas tree over my distress.
One kindergartner even went so far as to draw a picture of a snake with ME running away from it! Ungrateful I tell ya!
I've told my own children, if you ever see me out in the yard LAYING DOWN it's not because I'm taking a nap (I don't ever usually take a nap in the yard for pete's sakes) it's because I've seen a snake in the grass or in my garden, and I've passed out or had a heart attack. Call 911 immediately!
Of course they think it's funny, and I suppose it is, but I honestly don't know what I would do if one ever jumped out at me from my strawberry patch. I'm not kidding when I tell you I go out armed into the garden. Boots up to my knees, and a hoe no less! This is no joking matter!
I'm not really sure where this horrible fear came from. I do remember, however, when I was probably 3 or 4 watching my dad hack one to pieces with a hoe. It was wrapped around one of the trees in our yard. I remember my mom telling me to get on the back bumper of the truck in the driveway. OR, maybe it was the time when I was walking down the road with my Grandpa and he threw a garter snake at me to be funny. Believe me, IT WAS NOT FUNNY!!!!!
I know I'm an adult, but I've just gotta say, and I'm being TRUTHFUL here...don't ever bring a snake around and I will no longer be friends!


  1. Hope you don't mind, but I didn't look at any of your photos in this post. Just.can'

    I look forward to your return of regular photos in the near future.

    In the meantime, have no fear, I will never, ever bring a snake 'round your door. : )

    Be well...and snake free.

  2. I'll be your snake exterminator if you'll come be my creepy crawly big nasty unidentified bug killer!

  3. I feel exactly the same way. Having a snake thrown at you would be a great reason to be scared to death the rest of your life! YIKES

  4. Wow, I thought when I saw the "little" photo this was about some sort of flower vine... obviously I was wrong! Not a lover of snakes either. Once saw a HUGE (dead) rattlesnake when we lived in Phoenix, not a sight I'd care to see again.


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