Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paris anyone?

A lot of you wished me well this past weekend when I went away (10 whole minutes away) to a scrapbookin' retreat. Thank you by the way! I got plenty done (not as much as I'd hoped...there was a lot of socializing and some other stuff to do) and even got a start on my Christmas cards (which ALWAYS take a lot longer than I plan for them to.)

We took a class which was in short AWESOME! Here is a glimpse of how it was done.

Carmen and Deanna Beth are just as excited as I was to start this.

We all got a lampshade which was stripped of it's shade,

and a pizza box (clean of course) full of goodies!

We were then told to go find the fabric we wanted to use for covering our shade.

Just look at all this yumminess!

It was hard deciding. I knew I was gonna make this craft for Grace. I wanted to save it for Christmas, but I just couldn't. I was too excited to give it to her, so she got it when I got home!

Anyway, then we started wrapping strips of material around the bare shade.

(excuse my fat fingers. Unfortunately I got the fat Sommers fingers! Ugh!

This is what it looked like totally wrapped before I added all the goodies.

So, we opened our boxes (total nirvana for a scrapper or crafter let me tell you!) and got to work making each delicate strand.

The hanging pendant in the middle.
And the finished product, hanging in the corner it was intended for.

Since we made Grace's room a Paris themed room several weeks/a month ago (I can't remember) I added little Eiffel towers to the finished product just for her.

She LOVED it. But who wouldn't? It was amazing and very fun to do. I got enough to make my own to hang over my craft table.

It was a perfect craft for Grace. Any girl who puts a peace symbol bracelet around the neck of her 4-h project...

deserves a frilly yet decadent mobile in their room! Don't cha think?


  1. It WAS fun making this! I am hanging mine over my craft table as well. It is so delicate and pretty. Definitely a highlight of our weekend.

  2. What a fun and creative project. Never thought of using lampshade frames in this way before. And to do it all with a group, fabulous!

  3. That is sooooo cute. I can imagine how exciting it was to open that box of goodies. Fabulous job and yes, she deserves it :)

  4. How wonderful - I love other ways to use my craft stash and this takes the cake! It's beautiful, CONGRATS! Glad you had a fun getaway.
    PS - adore your header pic of vignette w/caute junk!


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