Saturday, December 19, 2009

And the Excitement Begins.....

So yesterday was our last day of school before Christmas vacation (can you hear my heart singing? Just checking.) And yet, today I'm up at 6:00 am like usual because I CAN"T SLEEP IN!! Is this some kind of joke? Anyway, our day yesterday was full of some learning (wanted to make sure you were paying attention), but mostly singing and parties. Since we have half day kindergarten, we had two parties to celebrate. It's really amazing just how hopped up on sugar kids can get in such a short time!

Our school also had a mini "fund raiser" yesterday for a very good cause. One of our past teachers had a small baby die from a liver disease, so yesterday, if you wanted to wear a Santa Hat to school, you could give $1 to a fund at Riley Hospital. It was all for a good cause, and there were many varieties of Santa hats to see.

Maybe the "superman" could've been a little more happy to celebrate?????

We also had an all school Caroling in the gym to celebrate the season. Our janitor and his wife read the night before Christmas, and our Principal read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke.

We had a lot of fun, but us teachers were quickly wearing down!
I did get to see my beautiful daughter, Grace, and

my CRAZY son, Evan and his friend, Mason before the caroling.

We even had a visit from the big red man himself. The kids about went into a frenzy when he walked in the gym door.

At the end of the day, you could almost hear a huge sigh of relief when the kids ran out of the building to the buses. Of course, our crazy janitor, dressed like Santa, was on the roof of the school throwing candy canes off. Ah, traditions, what would we do without them. There was a twinkle in every staff person's eye, and I think I even saw some teachers doing a jig in the hallway once the kids were released! Now, it's time for some much needed rest on our two week vacation. It's not a paid vacation for me, but at this point in the school year, I'm READY!

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