Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Purple Passion

Well, no amish colors this time, purple is the choice for Grace's room. And a wild purple it is.
We matched the sole of an Eeyore (Grace collects them) to get the purple for the walls.

Oh, just wait, there is even more. Can't get enough can you?

Here is the purple rug Grace purchased with her chore money yesterday. She told me it would be great for taking a nap on. Like she takes naps, and like she'd be laying on the floor. Whatever!

We even made some custom switch plates and outlet covers by covering our old plain white ones with paper. The butterflies were Grace's idea....ah, a girl after my own heart!

The effect around the windows with the flowers, came from

a pottery barn kids room we saw in a magazine. I think we need more flowers, but it took me forever to put this amount up!

I guess for a girl of 10, this is the room. The bomb! All I know is after it was finished and all the paint tape was off, and the posters were back on the walls, she never left the room. All afternoon she played with Barbies and listened to music. Is this all I had to do to get her to stay in her room? Brother. Wish I would've thought of this sooner.


  1. great job everyone this is wonderful..... wonder whitch room is next?

  2. I need to preview my comments.


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