Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

This is the image from my front porch doorway, as seen only minutes ago. It's snowing, and freezing rain is coming down, and my kids are BEYOND excited, hoping for at least a delay tomorrow. Oh, we all wish.....anyway, I'm reminded of last Nov. when I took these pictures:

We had no electricity, so, no heat, and no school that day, which thrilled my kids to no end, so of course, I ran outside and took some pictures of the BEAUTIFUL ice hanging on my trees. Correction, tree. As in one tree, which happens to be in the very back of our yard, so it doesn't really allow us any shade what so ever. ANYWAY, the ice was beautiful that day, even though our gravel road was very hazardous.

So, back to my rambling about the original picture I posted of the view from my front porch, it looks serene now, and I'm sure it will in the morning too. I'm just not a big fan of driving in it. I'm more of the drive 30mph kind of girl in this kind of weather. Thank goodness I live in a town where there are A LOT of back roads to get me where I need to go. I guess I just need to relax, take it all in and thank God I have a warm house to cozy up in.

Unlike my dog, Rudy, who I caught here on my garage sale purchase from this summer. One day I happened to leave an old blanket on the chair, and Rudy found it, and has been there ever since. Really, I'm surprised he even gets up to go the the bathroom. Because as soon as he does, our other dog, Sadie, hops right up.

Well, I'm not going to hold out hope for a delay. I'll just be pleasantly surprised if we have one. Not that I plugged the old phone in beside my bed or anything. You know, the old one where the cord actually goes into the back, and doesn't require a plug in for the cordless part. Heaven forbid my electricity goes out overnight and I don't get that lovely call from the teacher above me on the list saying there is a delay. But, you know, I haven't thought about this at all! A girl can wish can't she?

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