Monday, December 28, 2009

Dressing wars

Usually most Sundays when we return home from church, it's a mad dash to each bedroom to see who can get their "comfy" clothes on first. The kids usually come down the steps in their pajamas (only right) or sweats. My husband Brent, I swear, is the fastest one to get dressed in his "windbreaker" sweats (come on, you all know what I'm talking about. You can hear him coming into a room BEFORE he's actually in the room). I am usually getting dinner ready for us, at least composing dinner, so I'm ALWAYS the last to change. Why is that?

Anyway, it's our comfy afternoon that appeals to me the most. What will I do with all that time at my disposal? Will there be a nap? Will there be scrapbooking? Will I read a book and then fall asleep? Yesterday I opted for the scrapbooking. I needed to catch up after all, so I put a movie in the portable DVD player, and away to work I went. I watched Under the Tuscan Sun, one of my all time favorites. I watched it TWICE, actually, I felt I deserved the luxury, I was working hard after all.

My husband was reading the paper/taking a nap just like he does every Sunday afternoon. The kids and I were upstairs, but separate. Evan was playing his new DS game

Grace was in her room alternately watching a rerun of "Dancing with the Stars" and playing Barbies. I didn't hear much from her until she came over to my table to display her late Sunday afternoon attire. You won't believe it folks. I'm not sure what was going through her head, but here is the ensemble. I'm not sure it would make the catwalks this season, but then again maybe it would....
New shirt from Grandma, ok, skirt from Grandma, ok, just not together....

And the softball socks? Where did those come from? I thought I securely tucked them away in summer storage. What?????!!!!!!

Ok, the necklace I understand. It's what Evan gave her, with all his brotherly love wrapped up into the package. It's cute, I have a similar one. I can understand the necklace, but Grace...

I would be a little embarrassed too. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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