Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Cards vs. Cash.....The Dilemma

As I was reading the flowerpatchfarmgirl the other day, I had to laugh. She said that after 10 years together, she made her husband a Christmas List of things she would like. You see, I've been married for 12 years now, and every year, with great hopes, I make my husband a list that is very easy to follow. I even number the items in the order that is most important to me. This year, I put a lot of gift card wants on my list because I know if I just get cash, it will end up not being spent on me. I'll go to the store and see something very cute for the kiddos and buy it. I know if I get an actual gift card to an actual store, it will be for something I would not normally buy for myself.

I've been asking ladies around work what their opinion is about this topic. They seem to agree with me. Women are more often than not, going to buy something for someone other than themselves if they have cold hard cash. It's just the nature of the beast. One very funny lady, however remarked, that if it was $1000 or more, cash would be divine. If it was under $1000, she would go for a gift card.

This is the one holiday that my husband and I actually get something for each other. Maybe I'm just expecting him to know the perfect gift that I want. Believe me, he hasn't figured that out. This used to be his philosophy: He would walk into a clothing store, tell the sales lady that "my wife is about your size," and then proceed to buy three things that are three different sizes. I could NEVER figure this form of shopping out, but he told me once, "I shop this way, because I know you'll have to take it back and get something you really like." Seriously!?

Are we women just really so hopeful our husband will one day just "GET IT" and figure us out? When we say, "You don't have to get me anything," but really we mean, you'd better get me something or else!?

I grew up with my parents kind of tip-toeing around this issue at Christmas. They would both tell each other "This year we will not get each other anything!" But come Christmas Day, they would each go to another room and pull out a secret gift that they had bought for the other. I think it's sweet.

I know that gifts are not the real meaning of Christmas, Christ's birth is. But it is nice to get something from the one you love. I greatly enjoy giving gifts. It's one of my love languages, and I have a hard time making my kids wait to open their presents. The unwrapping and paper throwing always goes too fast for me.

So, with great trepidation, I'm awaiting the day, the moment, the second I open my husband's gift to me. I see he already has two wrapped under the tree. Maybe this will be the year, he finally "GETS ME!"

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