Monday, December 21, 2009

To Dispell the rumor

Rumor: My husband has a truck cap in the backyard sitting over our garden. Truth: It's the house he made for all our pretty hens.

You see, this all started when we had our Sommers family Christmas this past Saturday. One of my favorite Christmas celebrations each year. There are 33 of us now, with kids, grand kids, and even great grand kids. It's a loud and funny time all together, but some of my cousins, (and you know who you are...Jordan, Austin.....etc. ) while eating with us, were wondering what exactly was in our backyard.

You see, when my husband finished his beautiful (his words, not mine) shed (above) this summer, he used the leftover metal (very resourceful) to make a hen house that we could actually stand upright in when gathering the eggs, and feeding the chickens.

So, yes, it might look a little odd. It might resemble a truck cap sitting on wheels.....but it's made to be moved around our pasture in the summer because did you know....chickens LOVE fresh grass.

See, doesn't she look happy?

Can't you hear them singing the hallelujah chorus? They LOVE their new house.

Yes, when my husband drew this little project out on paper, I'll have to admit, I couldn't even imagine what it was going to look like. It IS a little odd, but my joy in actually standing upright to gather eggs, far outweighs my frustration of how it looks. It matches our shed, that's all that matters, right JORDAN! Yeah, you know I'm talking to you!

Anyway, no hard feelings toward my cousins. They just had to make fun of something. When my garden next summer is producing the best vegetables around because of the natural fertilizer all winter, don't come begging at my door for a zucchini!

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  1. you are my favorite blogger....not only for telling my bros how it really is, but because you are HILARIOUS! keep it comin'! :)


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