Friday, March 11, 2011

Has Spring sprung...YET?????

Ok. It's March 11th. Surely Spring is just around the corner, right? RIGHT??!!!

In the midwest, not so much. We're still enduring cold, cloudy, rainy days. Yesterday there was even SNOW! Ugh. I'm through with this already!

BUT, today, ah, today, the sun shone ALL DAY! I've been taking Vitamin D supplements since it's been so dreary here, but today, the real deal was outside.

Even the animals were excited.

You can't hear them, but the hens were clucking loudly!
and producing 12 eggs for us today. {Ah, the daylight does wonders for egg production too!}

The ewes (and Rambo, the only male) were delighting in the sun too.

Even our new puppy Marley was overly excited...oh wait, that might be just because he's a puppy!

By the way, isn't he adorable. He's in the with sheep now. His "job" has begun. He's getting used to the sheep little by little. Rambo is the only one he seems to have bonded with. We've witnessed, on two occasions, Marley licking all over Rambo's face, while Rambo stands completely still! Unbelieveable!

King of the pasture! {looks real tough, doesn't he?!}

After chores, I walked around the house looking, {and hoping} for some sign of life, some little "green" tidbit. This is all I got. I guess it's somethin'.

What I really can't wait to do is visit my favorite greenhouse, Prairie Trail Farm. You can find their website here.

Just look at her greenhouse.
This is where I got all my heirloom variety vegetables last year. They were GOOD! And not genetically altered in any way.

And look at all the arrangements she has in her greenhouse and around her shop.


So, with my tomatoes in boxes in the kitchen window (started from the tiniest of seeds), I'm ready to begin spring. Come on baby, let's get the show on the road!

I'm hooking up with Amy at Verde Farm's Farm Friend Friday. Come over and join me!


  1. Marley is ADORABLE! I was just wondering today if I should be starting my tomato seeds inside yet. Guess I have my answer now.

    Also I think I'm going to have to go check out that greenhouse. My baby brother is living in Goshen now - so I can use that as an excuse for a visit. Looks like a fantastic place.

  2. I'm counting down the days 'til Prairie Trail opens!!

  3. Your Pyr is adorable! I am sure he will do a great job guarding the sheep. We have 2 Pyr's and an Akbash and we have not had a loss. They are amazing animals.

  4. Looks like the puppy has really settled in. So cute! I have my seeds planted, too, and I 'm just waiting for them to come up.



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