Monday, March 14, 2011

Ten on the Twelveth

My baby is 10!
I can't believe it. Just 10 years ago, he was born on the kitchen floor. Yep, you heard that right.
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This past Saturday (March 12th) Ev turned 10. It was wild! He had 4 friends come home with him on Friday after school and spend the night.
That's 5 boys total, plus Grace and her friend. The volume was unbelievable! No one went to bed before 3am. Well, except for Ev. He's my sleeper. When he's tired, he's out, no matter where his head falls. The boys couldn't believe he was sleeping through their loudness. I couldn't either.
His birthday theme was Pokemon.

Don't even ask me to explain anything about Pokemon. I try not to let my eyes glaze over whenever he tells me details about all the Pokemon and their types, and whether or not they are a fire Pokemon or a thunder one, etc. The boys were all just talking in their Pokemon lingo the whole night. I'm glad they understood each other, cause I sure didn't!
He had a great time opening their presents...

and watching movies like Lego's Hero Factory and Despicable Me. They enjoyed pizza and even a Pokemon cake.

We crashed on Saturday when everyone left. He took a 3 hour nap. Couldn't help the fact he was fighting a nasty cold too, which Grace and I ended up getting as well.

Just 10 short years ago Brent and I were in the hospital with a newborn baby at 4am, and we had an unbelievable story to tell. No one believed us. They thought we made it up. Who could have a baby on the floor because they didn't make it to the hospital in time?

I guess that would be us.

I just have to say, Evan's personality is EXACTLY like it was on the day he was born. He was 4 days late, but when he was ready, there was no stoppin' him. Today, I can say the same. If he doesn't want to do something, it's like moving a brick wall, but when he's ready, he's ready, and he'll complete anything. In his own time.

He's my cuddly, incredibly artistic, funny, a little weird sometimes, and utterly honest boy. This boy cannot tell a lie without it eating him up.

He told me the other day he wants to grow up and be a preacher, and he'd like to use the Veggie Tale movies to preach his sermons. (not sure how this would go over...but it's the first time he's said anything about being a preacher...)

We couldn't be luckier to have gotten to spend the last 10 years with him.

We love you Evan!


  1. Happy 10th birthday Evan! You bless our lives very much, you have a contagious laugh and an amazing memory for numbers, dates and details I can only dream of! You are full of joy & energy (that I can only dream of again! ha ha) Grandpa & I are so proud of you & the neat young boy you are becoming. I will always cherish the part I played in your birth/what a surprise that was....Always our Evan from Heaven!! Love ya to the moon and back!! Grandma S.

  2. I'd come and hear you preach, Ev. I'm pretty sure Davis would be the most active member at your church! We love you so much! Glad you had a wonderful party.


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