Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Trip of my dreams}

I met my friend Kerri in Kokomo this past Saturday. I haven't seen her for months and months.
She and her family moved to Indianapolis about 3 years ago when her husband got a once in a lifetime job offer.
I miss her.
We decided to meet an an antique mall she had been to once before.
Three stories of brick bliss! {for those of you in Indiana, it's the Original Treasure Mart in Kokomo, IN.}
True to the fact that Kerri knows me so well, it was everything I had been dreaming about for weeks.
I really liked this bed/canopy.
The canopy is made from an old lampshade and LOTS of tulle. Grace would LOVE this! {I'm totally tryin' this.}

Right around the corner was this great set of nesting boxes for hens.

{NEVER thought I'd be perusing antique farm equipment and liking it!}
I did buy this, which caused an eye roll from Brent...but I plan on planting my red and pink geraniums in this once spring rolls around and putting it up on the porch.

There was booth upon booth of eye candy for me.

These were my actual purchases for the day. I was pretty happy with what I got, AND with what I spent. {There is a white picture frame down in the bottom that you can't see, and that silver looking this is an old towel rod.}

This is what I did with my purchases, minus the galvanized tub and the scrolled bracket.

I have a little bit of a globe/old map collection going on in my craft area, so this fit in great with what I already had.

The old tennis racket found it's way to the "game wall" in the living room.

The towel bar...oh yes, the towel bar. I thought long and hard about this one. I originally was going to use it in our downstairs bathroom as, well, a towel bar, but then I changed my mind.

This little bar inspired, an eclectic at best, little corner in the living room. The white picture frame I also purchased is what is hanging from the towel bar.

Everything else for this corner came from other areas of the house. I didn't have to buy anything.

I had a great time on my little "getaway."

I want to go again....soon. With Kerri.

How 'bout tomorrow?


  1. It sounds like you had a great time... I love all of your new treasures! I have a "double wash stand" that we use for drinks at picnics/parties. We fill it with ice and add the cans or bottles.

  2. NOTHING is as refreshing as time with a close glad you had a chance to get away!!

  3. Glad you had a great time. I love the wash stand and can't wait to see it once you have it full of flowers!


  4. Oh I love this. What a great time! You got some wonderful finds too. Love your vignettes and the game wall is awesome!! :)

  5. wow, how fun?! love your purchases, especially the globe! Everything looks so cute in your home :)

  6. Did you go alone? Because I thought that another friend tagged along? :)

  7. I just love all your decor! Wish I had that globe (and red n white cups)... So much eye candy. Thanks for sharing your trip. Delighted you had such fun!
    ps-yes, our Olivia is a pound puppy. We think a shepherd / hound mix. For sure the best of both - super smart and eager to work and crazy fun! We were so blessed as she's not what we set out to get. We wanted small, and she''s HUGE. God knows best!

  8. Glad you had a good visit. I'm going to have to ask my cousins to take me there next time I go down to visit them.

  9. I think this summer you should kidnap your old and take me to this eye candy store:0


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