Friday, March 18, 2011

To eat or not to eat...that is the question

About a week and a half ago Grace used her hard earned allowance money and bought a beta fish for a 5th grade school project.
She had to give a "how -to" speech about something. She decided to talk about how to set up a fish bowl with stones, water, a plant, a fish, etc., and then how to take care of the fish.
She was keeping "Flippy" (that's right, that's the fish's name...) up in her room. That is, until we discovered Flippy wasn't moving around alot because of the coldness of his water. We had to move him downstairs where the temperature was more moderate. (crappy drafty windows!)
It took only a couple of days to notice funny things were happening. First we'd see a little water outside the bowl. Only drops at first, but then much bigger pools of water.
We never actually "caught" Oreo in the act, but knew it had to be her causing this curious water spillage.
The other night, I actually had my camera within reach, and snapped a few shots.
At first it was just an innocent perusal of the fish bowl. I wasn't clear on what her exact intentions were toward Flippy.

Her head got lower

and lower... until she was actually taking sips out of the fish bowl.

Of course I scolded her, and asked her to get down. As you can see, that didn't go so well.

I think she's staring him down on purpose!
She's definitely got the intimidation and size thing down pat.

Until I actually entered the room with her, she stayed in the intimidation pose.
We're watching her closely, and monitoring her every move around this poor fish.
He's keeping his distance from her as well, and hiding in the blue shark at the bottom of the bowl whenever she is near.
Is she really just interested in the water? Who knows, the poor fish might just have a heart attack before his 1st birthday!
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Have a great Friday ya'll!


  1. I think your Oreo and my Larry are long lost siblings - they look very similar. Larry's favorite spot to lay is right smack dab by the fish tank. If it didn't have a lid, he'd have dived in face first and had a fish or two for dinner I think. You got some terrific pictures of Oreo.

  2. I think it's called Kitty TV. You will need to watch her close. Our cats were somehow able to scratch the backs of our fish if it ever got too close to the surface. Pretty cat!

  3. Oh that's so funny! They really do think they're pulling the wool over our eyes, don't they?

    My mom had a big salt water tank when I was a teen, and our kitten liked to get in behind and watch the fish but from our point of view, it looked like she was in the tank! Sure wish I had a pic of that.


  4. Uho--not good Oreo. Fish have lives to live too :) What a cute fish bowl--she did a great job. I hope Flippy has a long and healthy life and Oreo keeps paws out of bowl.
    Thanks for sharing with FFF!

  5. Is it wrong that I want fish for dinner now?? :)

  6. I had a cat that loved to drink out of the aquarium, but it had a hood. My sister's cat actually caught a fish out of the 40 gallon aquarium once.


  7. Hopefully Flippy will be able to enjoy a long and health life... Maybe Oreo will realize that the long term gratification of watching the bowl is much better than the instant gratification of a fish snack :)



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