Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where would we be without numbers?

Numbers are part of every day of our lives. The clock rules what time we get up, how long it takes us to get ready, and what time we need to be at work, etc.

Our house has a number so people can find us.

Numbers are everywhere. So, I got to thinking....could I write down 25 random things about me?

Here goes...(try to stay awake!)

1 (1/2). Hours it will take me to go visit one of my best friends on Saturday.

2. Loads of laundry usually done each night. My kids and husband think there is a laundry fairy. (I have yet to meet her!)

3. No. of dogs we will own as of tomorrow when we get a new puppy.

4. Years I've been a kindergarten aide/or served on the school PTO.

5. Number of days of the week I'm driving something to something.

6. Number of houses I have lived in in my lifetime.

7. Number of 4-H pigs we will have at our house come spring break time (another family boards theirs at our house too)

8. Number of years I was able to be a stay at home mom (how I miss those days sometimes.)

9. School skating parties I've attended since my kids have been in school (twice per year people!)

10. How old Evan will be in 11 days.

11. Age of the van we're still driving around.

12. Age I was when I was first allowed to wear eyeshadow (totally rocked the light blue color!)

13. Pairs of dress pants I own.

14. June 14--my birthday---best day ever!

15. Age when my dad let me drive the truck up and down the corn rows in the field to "practice" before I got my license.

16. Age I was when my braces came off.

17. Number of different items grown in my garden.

18. Total number of first cousins I have--all younger than me. (boy I feel old!)

19. Age I was when I lived in Costa Rica for three months during college.

20. Clipboards I have created for other people.

21. Total amount of hours I THINK I could stay up without falling asleep (It isn't college anymore)

22. How old I was when I started working as a graphic designer.

23. Age I was when I got married.

24. Hours in a day that I'm grateful to be alive and healthy everyday.

25. Age I was when Grace was born.

It's HARD to think of things about yourself. Hope this didn't bore everyone. Write back and tell me some interesting things about YOU!


  1. LOVED this post and ALL you share here! It's so much fun learning about bloggy buds! I started having kids about ten years after you. Lived in way more houses too. Congrats on the PUPPY! I loved your oilcloth basket idea, all your pics and sewing projects. I am sooooooo overdue to bond w/my sewing machine. Ugh. You made it look fin (as usual).

    I commented back to your questions on my cyber sisters post. Come see. You can tell I'm a bit pushy! ;-P

  2. 2. Years left 'til we enter 4-H...
    10. Number of Hereford cattle we own...
    11. Age of our GMC Yukon...
    14. Age I was when I got my ears pierced...
    16. Number of total years we will be in 4-H...
    17. When I met my husband...
    20. When I got married...
    21. Had my first baby...
    23. Had my 2nd baby...
    27. Had my 3rd baby...
    63. Age of my house...
    98. Years our house and farmland have been in my husband's family...

    I could go on and on...unfortunatley I better turn my attention back to making supper! :)


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