Saturday, July 24, 2010


It seems like it's been a long road since April to get ready for the fair.

The pigs were so cute to begin with. So easy to take care of.

Then they grew. They could do more....We could walk them around the yard. They got to know the new pigs we threw in with them...(our friends are keeping theirs at our house this year.)

But they rushed us when it was eating time. I guess they ARE PIGS after all!

They all started to have personalities. Sonic (the spot) is a little cranky and demanding. Each time we walked them, he was the first to circle back to the pen like we were totally torturing him by getting him out to exercise. He has a high level of drama.

Rockney ( is the most laid back. Last to eat (no, really, let the others go first, I can wait...) and easiest to walk. Then there was Mason (named after Evan's best friend) who grew to be the biggest of the group. (271 pounds when weighed at the fair today) He was also pretty laid back with a wild streak every now and then. Taz (after the Tasmanian devil) was aptly named. Always first to start a ruckus, and always first to flop in the mud hole after we were done walking them. Lastly, Pablo. A little odd, a little rambunctious, the one staying home from the fair because he was the smallest.

We had a good time, and now it's time for a full week at the fair. Going in early, staying late. The life of a 4-H er. I'll admit, growing up, being in swine club was the highlight of my summers. I got to see all my friends from different schools, and I made money! What could be better than that.
This is Grace's 2nd year, and Evan's first. They've already met and become friends with the children of my old friends from 4-H. Pretty cool. They learn a lot of valuable lessons being in a 4-H club, and I'm glad they have the opportunity (oh, and PLUS, it gets our whole family in free to the fair! Always a plus!)

Well. I'd better go. We must go in and wash these piggies up!

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  1. I can't wait until my WeeMan is old enough to participate in 4-H.

  2. great pictures, we are almost ready for 4-H, can't wait!


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