Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rides Rides Everywhere!

Early yesterday the kids and I went out to the fair to clean out our pen and wash the pigs again.

This is a grueling job and the weather here in glorious (ha ha) Indiana has been somewhat hot and humid (NOT my favorite weather believe me!) So, we went very early in the morning to take care of this chore before we had to be at another 4-h building to do our job as "supervisors" for an hour.

The kids had saved up half the money for wristbands this year, so we went back out in the HEAT to ride ALL afternoon. (part of me wishes they were both older so they could do this with their friends, but part of me enjoys the fact I can still take pictures of them and they are not embarrassed to be with me!)

(Grace, our daredevil)

(I'm scared to think what Evan will be like on the road once he gets his license. He is a VERY EVIL bumper car driver)


ferris wheels...
and patiently waiting on Grace when a ride was too scary...

Now today...more pressing matters like these babies...

Ah corn...you picked the WORST time to be ready!
Next...back out to the fair tonight to wash pigs, clean out our pen, and get ready for show day tomorrow!


  1. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fair. The weatherman says tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today - blegh. Hopefully you, the kiddos, and the pigs find a way to stay cool.

    Our fair is going on right now too - but ours is strictly 4-H so no fun rides for the kiddos. I found that kind of odd when I moved up here from central Indiana.

  2. When do you think of as corn time? I'm finding a lot of my "late" summer harvests are coming earlier than I'm expecting. I wonder what this means.

  3. I don't know when CORN time is really. This is the first year we've planted it! Mine was ready 3 days ago...the FIRST 4 rows we planted. Brent also planted 8 more rows, at staggered times, so that will still be coming on... the next 4 probably soon. My tomatoes are coming too, but not as soon as last year, I think. I don't know. The garden tells me, I don't tell the garden! My potatoes, which I planted in March this year, were ready a month ago. So, I'm wingin it!


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