Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our day in the big? city

This week I took Grace and Evan on a little journey. This town is only about 45 min. from us, and is most undoubtedly a tourist trap. I mean, just look at this....a buggy with a sign on the back....buggy rides!
Now, I get that we see this ALL the time, and some people don't, but really, who would like to ride in a buggy? On an incredibly HOT day?
So, anyway, we preceded on to this place...

which was really the whole premise of our trip. Everything we needed, (pretty much) was in this building.
Since we arrived around lunch time, we ate at the famous Jo-Jo's Pretzels.
All I have to say is...YUM. Really people, if you haven't went to Jo-Jo's in Shipshewana, IN, you must go!

I've been trying to stay away from alot of carbs lately, but this day, it totally went out the window. I didn't have enough will power to just let Grace and Ev have one, I wanted one too!
Next, to pacify the kids, we went to the toy store. That had it's own separate entrance for kids.

There were puppets,

games and puzzles galore,

and a Thomas the Train table. (honestly, I don't know why my kids are playing this....they haven't liked Thomas for ages!) They loved it, though.

This sign just cracked me up!

We then went over to the indoor carousel. It's filled with beautiful hand-painted farm animals ranging from horses to chickens and pigs! They had a long ride...

and then it was time to let me visit the adorable vintage kitchen store and the WONDERFUL scrapbook store. I was in heaven. (Thank goodness the scrapbook store is connected to a candy shoppe!

Of course, in this fantasy-like land, they have a really cool candy dispenser, so we had to have some!

They were more than ready to leave after about 1 1/2 hours. So we next stopped at the huge fabric store where I got the coolest thing to make Grace a school bag. (more on THAT later). We had a good day. I'm glad we went.....I don't know why we don't go there more?????

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