Thursday, July 22, 2010

Decorating...after 3 cups of java

I got a spell of decorating ADD today. The kind you get after a long night of perusing decorating books, followed by a rude EARLY awakening (since Brent had to be to work early), and then 3 cups of coffee to combat that early awakening.

I had made a to-do list last night which went something like this:

1. Take the bench from the foyer and move it to the Living Room, and take the wooden crates from the Living Room and move some to the foyer and the rest other places.

2. Move baskets all around

3. Take the old suitcases that were in the Dining Room with kids books in them to the Living Room and put movies in them instead.

4. Move some pictures around

5. Move the Living Room furniture a little

Things like that...and so on and so on... (things only a sleep deprived mind would understand.)

So, here is the Foyer BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Here is one part of the Living Room BEFORE:

and AFTER:

(not much change, just a chair moved, and the brown chair and couch moved over more to the right.)

Another part of the Living Room BEFORE:

and AFTER:

CD player moved from across the room, and scrapbooks moved out of entertainment center to wooden boxes beside it. Old suitcases moved from Dining Room to Living Room, and movies put inside them.

Still more of the Living Room BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Pictures moved from other parts of the house to this wall, bench from the foyer moved to the Living Room and pillows added, movie cabinet moved from another part of the Living Room to here, and a small bookcase from upstairs moved and the chair from the opposite side of the Living Room put beside it. (Whew)

And Lastly....I could kick myself because I don't have any before pictures, but I moved the office around a little.

I like the office arrangement a lot more.

I'm not sure why I always get like this on the eve of something really big. We start our fair tomorrow. Our equipment goes out tomorrow and the pigs go out on Sat. morn. I'm frazzled, and I'm packing for that and getting all the little things around and yet, I'm rearranging my house! Seriously!

I know they were not HUGE changes, but changes none the less, so now some of the things I've had forever look different in different places. I like that.

Next on my to-do and freezing some things for when I start back at school. Oh, but before that....endless days and nights at the fair for the next 7 days.


  1. Good luck at the fair! Stay kids are going to be showing in the open show on Thursday. We only have 2 more years before our adventures in 4-H begin (we are going to the Warsaw fair...)

  2. I'm going to have to start following you - I love the way you've decorated with old things. People look at me like I've lost my mind when I use some of the things you've used - so it's nice to find someone else who sees the good in old stuff. I love the way you've hung gameboards on your wall - in fact I have an old Parcheesi board from my grandma (we used to play it together all the time when I was at her house) and now I think I know what to do with it. Love the way you used the suitcases too!


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